So is the birthday function broken?

I want to be baked, and have moist and delicious cake!

The cake is a lie.

I’m guessing it was disabled to cut down on pointless birthday threads.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I’m tempted to post a picture of the goatse birthday cake but I think that’s a little much for a QT3 EE thread. So I’ll settle for “Happy Bday M5!”

EDIT: typo

EDIT: Typo removed.

This is because Tom hates fun.

Tom would rather everyone just celebrate their birthdays whenever they want. All this arguing about objective birthday dates is a big waste of time.

Clearly it was because we were having too many birthdays. Some of us are just going to have to give ours up, I guess.

Someone should have told us we could opt out of birthdays before I turned 30.

“How old do you think I look?”
“Thirty. Exactly.”

Happy Birthday :)

Hope the cake worked out.

There was no cake, but filet mignon followed by apple pie and ice cream will certainly be acceptable as well.

Thanks everyone!


What was the birthday function? It made a thread for every birthday? Because I’ve done the math, and if everyone put it in a birthday, there would be approximately 4131 threads per day with the title “Happy Birthday [subject name here]!!”

No, it just said at the bottom of the forums “Today’s birthdays include” or something like that.

This place is so much less festive without the constant birthday threads. At least, I think so until 11:59 this evening.

Adree and his snuff videos again.