So it's September 11, 2005

And I choose the 4 year anniversary to fly back.

Oh man. Canada and Poland are still on the hit list but both are untouched. The way this entire trip has been going for me, I’m really not so keen on this, not that I’m superstititious or anything.

Uh, wouldn’t this be the four year anniversary?


I had 3 hours of sleep. Pardon moi.

Is something supposed to happen? I mean other then the entire cluster fucking of our entire country

Well cheer up, it’s already 12th September here in Australia. The day’s over already and nothing bad happened. :)

What hit list are you talking about?

Various terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda, have targeted Poland and Canada, for participation in Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively.

Anyway, I made it back. Only a 3 hour flight delay due to some emergency maintenance or some such.

I know you all care, so I thought I’d update you.

And no, no Polish booty pics. I wanted to, but for the love of God, I could not bring myself to do it.