So let's suppose EQII fell into my lap this weekend

I have played the Trial for a few days and, while taking a break from WoW seems like cheating on your girlfriend what with my new level 60 on one server and new home with the Drop Bears on another, I think I am gonna hold my breath and dive in. There seems to be a whole lotta stuff going on that a mere week will not allow me to sufficiently vet (and that’s how the justification begins).

So are any of you bums playing on any servers that it would be worth my while to join?


EQ 2?

Didn’t that get cancelled? Or am I just a victim of wishful thinking?

I already owned poser4, so I passed on eq2

I’m on the Crushbone server, but I certainly wouldn’t join the server on my account.

I have a lvl 38 half elf ranger on Everfrost and a 23 Erudite necro on one of the Euro servers. Howeverr my marriage guidance consellor persuade me and WoW to try a reconciliation, so I haven’t played much in the last coiple of weeks.

There are a few other players here I belive.

Man, the Haterz are quick to reply. [smiley]

Just getting a feel. I haven’t plopped down my dough yet (but, really, who am I kidding.)

For whatever reason, MMORPGs with the levelling and the chopping of wood and the tiny skill dings and the hitting of the “1” then “4” then “6” keys when fighting meanies and the semi-immersion are the games that are my escape from whatever it is we escape from in life.

EQII seems to have a lot 'o shit going on to keep my brain occupied. If it turns out it does not, I will play my 30 days and shelve it.

EDIT: If I pick it up, that is.

Yeah, overall it’s not as good as WoW, but it does some things better. I’d say if you are getting jaded with WoW and you want something similar, give it a try for a while.

Dude, if EQ2 fell in your lap you can sue SOE for MILLIONS to compensate you for your crotch burns becase THAT SHIZNIT IS TEH HOTZORZ!!!

If this is true, then make sure to give the crafting a try. It has a lot more depth than WoW’s crafting. I was a jeweler in my brief stint, and I got so hooked on it that I spent days at a time doing nothing but crafting and gathering supplies. There have been some changes to it since then, but I think it’s fundamentally the same mechanic.

Not if I cast some kinda…um…EQ2 freeze ray on it right before it hit or something. If not, I will get a female monk to rub one of her soothing salves on it as I hear they have miraculous healing powers.

Yeah. Just in my brief exposure to the crafting system it seems, for lack of a better term, cool. And man did I hate the limit of 2 professions in WoW. Boooo THAT!

Just wait till the newness wears off and the grind sets in.

At first I thought it was half bad, they had a complex crafting system, they had seemingly varied classes, etc…

The I discovered the insane monotony of their crafting system. You want to make a scroll? HAH. You need to craft like 15 items to make a scroll and that is ONE scroll. Had they added a batch system where you could craft 20 or more of each part leading up to the final piece, it would have been ok. I could literally take hours to craft one set of items, thats how many steps were involved.

What would have been cool, aside from crafting in stacks, would have been if there were a lot of cross over crafting items. I mean products that are used by all other crafting professions. Alchemy had some basic stuff that everyone could make that was common to most professions, however it stopped there. They could have taken paper (for example) and made it used for provisioner’s in various items, perhaps to wrap rations in (thus extending their life) or inking patterns for clothiers, etc… IE: I could make a living being a scribe by only making various quality papers.

I found the combat to be very dry too, it really felt like the mobs were just bags of HP and XP regardless of what you were fighting. Even though this is exactly what they are, in other games you do not feel it like you do in EQ.

Mob pathing was inexcusably bad. Fight anything in a narrow passage. They will walk through walls like they are not even there. It became clear that the terrain was for players only. I had a conjurer, and often my pet would walk through solid rocks to attack things and entire battles would take place in the neither regions beyond the walls. You can’t help because you don’t have line of site. You are constantly moving around trying to draw the mobs outside of the walls. I do not want to give the impression that every battle was like this, but it certainly happened far to often. I just felt like Sony made no effort and just crapped out anything to sell it.

The spell lines were also stupid. You had 4 basic combat spells (for mage, conjurer, then magican (whatever the last class was called). Direct damage, Dot, Root, and AoE. The thing is, all of the same class of spells were on the same cooldown. So its not like you can use your best AoE and then use a weaker AoE while the good one is cooling down. It felt like you were wearing a strait-jacket. They wanted you to fight creatures one way and ONLY one way.

Then there is the artwork. EQ2 is a mix of very good art and very bad art. I swear to you, they had a team of seasoned artists doing one thing, and a bunch of green artists fresh out of school doing the other stuff. Its a huge contrast. The warden in bear form looks bad, but not nearly as bad is the Lion form which is the bear form model with a lion texture on it. It looks ridiculous. The goblins look like stick men, but the house cats look amazingly good. WTF!

The collective experience made me feel like Sony was so sure about how amazingly well EQ2 would sell, that they didn’t give a rats ass about quality. I can imagine a meeting “Art Lead: It seems that team #2, you know ones with no experience and working for next to nothing, is producing crap art. Manager: Who cares! Its EQ2! Everyone is going to flock to this game like they did EQ!”

I feel that Sony only saw EQ2 as a cash cow, where Blizzard saw WoW as a game they might want to play. This may not be true, but that is what my perception is.

>man did I hate the limit of 2 professions in WoW. Boooo THAT!

Well, limiting profs is a reasonable way to create interdependency within a server population. I dunno that 2 is necessarily the magic number, but I understand the thought behind it.

Plus, you can always fish and make bandages. :P

EQ2 has the same DING sound as EQ1. Man that sound is perfect. It makes my nipples hard.

Sadly, that’s about all it has going for it.

I have a 19th level wizard named Calderot on the Butcherblock server.

I have some RL friends who all play and we have a guild and all, but I haven’t been playing lately (off in CoH). When last I talked to my guildies, we were going to get back on next week.

So once you get through all the noob stuff you should be around level 15, and if you want to adventure with me, PM me or send me a tell or email ingame and we can get something going.

I’m at the point where I’m pretty much done with soloing and need a partner at least, which is why I haven’t been playing, because my guildies are all either offline or playing their high level characters.

I fiddled around with it for a couple weeks but I could never settle on a character that was good for soloing and I could never get together with the guys who I was supposed to be playing with.

Have they made it any more solo-friendly?

I’ve been soloing pretty exclusively. I’m a massive damage dealer, but I fold like paper if you hit me.

The best thing I’ve found about EQ2 is the sheer number of quests. If I get stuck in one, I can do three others and then I’ll have leveled and the one I was stuck on becomes doable.

Fry’s has EQ2 for $9.99 if you have one nearby.


The collective experience made me feel like Sony was so sure about how amazingly well the PS3 would sell, that they didn’t give a rats ass about price. I can imagine a meeting … “Manager: Who cares! Its the PS3! Everyone is going to flock to this game like they did the PS2!”

Is that about right?