So long as we're talkin' patches: Age of Empires III

I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I’m still playing the game, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve done. The new large maps could be cool, and I’m intrigued by what “new hotkey editor” means. Maybe we can hotkey buildings to select them without changing the map view? And maybe, dare I hope, we can hotkey unit formations?

The notes are here, but it’s currently only available as an autoupdate.


When I go to “Tools and Help”->“Updates” it says I’m up to date, although my version is currently 1.01 according to About. How do I get this patch?

According to the Age 3 website, the patch isn’t available yet. Apparently, the patch notes are just a tease.

The patch is going through final testing to make sure that it is up to our expected quality before release it to you our fans.

You’re not the only one to think the patch is out, Tom. Maybe they pulled it after letting it into the wild earlier today.

Are you kidding me here? No civ fixes? Come on!


Question tho:

Anyone have a french early game that doesnt hurt their late game? Right now im using settlers as a standing army with pioneer upgrade and blunder/greatcoat.

Then I just power to age 2/3 with code napoleon and advanced mill + gold card to get the ranged unit def card, range attack boost card. Age 3 I take skirmishers, age 4 musketeers, and make the French Grenadier force at the church.

Its just early game all I can see shipment wise are the spearmen and crossbows, but I dunno if its really worth it to waste shipments on those when I can use free settler cards to power to later ages where france is useful.