So Muslim groups offer legal protection to people who wanted Imams booted off a plane

Now THIS puts an interesting twist on the whole issue.

Basically it comes down to the why, and here it is:

Several lawyers, including Mr. Malone and Mr. Nolting, contacted, a site operated by Minnesota and Washington lawyers, urging fellow litigators to step forward and defend passengers pro bono.
"I would hope thousands of lawyers would come forward, we need a massive showing of support, we need to let people who would intimidate us know it is not going to stand. This is where we draw the line," Mr. Malone said.
"No one is against freedom of religion or the right to pray, it is fundamental to our society. But that does not mean that we use it as a cover or use it to intimidate people. There are scary things going on in this world, and people need to understand that and be observant." 

It’s hard to say, but I think these are the lawyers working for the Muslim group. The article isn’t clear.

Probably one of the couple of tiny Muslim groups that are heavy GOP donors. There’s wingers everywhere if you look hard enough.

Edit: Ah ha. American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) is phoney right-wing lobby group, founded in 2003 by M. Zuhdi Jasser, which works in collaboration with notorious Islamophobe Daniel Pipes through his front group, Center for Islamic Pluralism (CIP). The group claims to battle “Islamo-facsism” and to be “a leading voice for liberty-minded Muslims in America in the war on terror.”[1] In the “members” section on its website, it lists only one individual – its founder, Zuhdi Jasser[2], who is also “one of the founding members” of CIP, by his own account.[3] The group also has Pipes’ endorsement of course.[4]

The group seems to have no support at all beyond right wing publications such as National Review Online, or the New York Sun. Working in close concert with the Israel lobby, its raison d’etre seems to be the targetting of mainstream Muslim organizations, such as CAIR.

Good stuff.

In this case, by the facts given, I totally empathize/am on the side of the passengers.

If anyone is liable, and that’s a big if, it’s the airline.