So my elliptical is making this clanking sound

Around Christmas I bought myself an elliptical machine in a last ditch effort to get some kind of exercise in my weekly life. To my surprise, several months later I am still using it 4 to 5 times a week.

I bought this from Sears even though their price was not special in any way. Everyone told me, “With Sears you know you will get good service, they back up everything they sell.”

So about a month ago I cleaned up my Kitchen somewhat, and had all these papers laying around. I put them all in a stack and threw them out. I am fairly sure my ‘receipt’ was in that stack somewhere.

So now my elliptical sometimes makes a clanking sound. Usually it doesn’t, but sometimes it makes a lot of it very loudly. A friend of mine who used it a bit when I first got it told me it seemed a lot rougher now which I had not noticed.

Anyway, so I look for my receipt, which I can not find. I go to sears, the one I got it from, and ask about getting it serviced and do they have a record of me buying it from them, and the guy gives me a blank look. I ask another guy (standing right next to him) and he said they can’t find that information out anymore and hand my a flyer for buying extended home warranties (although he tells me its the way to get service for my elliptical).

Its basically the sears home page when you click on the buy extended warranties for stuff in your home area. Now looking at my elliptical manual, the manufacture guarantees it for a year from purchase for any factory defect. Only I must have a receipt showing when I bought it.

So what are my choices?

Ignore the problem?

See if I can somehow get a receipt from sears (along with service)?

Call the manufacture and see if I can con them into fixing it for free?

Suck it up and pay for a service man to come and look at it?

Does the sound go away as you keep training? Does the volume depend on the temperature or humidity?

If so, it’s probably just a normal consequence of the mechanic settling into place, some screws loosening slightly, whatever. My elliptic trainer got noisier after I had used it for a few months but it works just fine, and the sounds aren’t getting louder either.

Everyone told me, “With Sears you know you will get good service, they back up everything they sell.”

As long as one of these people was an actual employee of Sears, then yeah, push for Sears to do something about it. Otherwise, forget it, bite the bullet and pay someone to repair it for you.

Or you could try digging around yourself, if you’re confident in your mechanical skills.

If you bought it with a credit card you may be able to show them you bought it there with CC records.

I can show them I bought something with a CC. But was it an elliptical?

I was going to take the back end apart and look at it, but Ill need to buy some tools. The screws holding it together like a good foot countersunk into it. None of my screwdrivers were anywhere near long enough to reach. I am also unable to tell what size screws they are, Ill assume they are phillips heads since most things are on it, although there are a fair number of hex head bolts too.

Well, you’ll have some kind of transaction ID, as well as a date. You could then ask the manager to look at his stocking records for ellipticals to see if one was bought on that day. They will have the paperwork, it’s a major item, they just want to make you work for your coverage.