So, none of you have a PS3 yet?

Thanks for mentioning Gamerang. I’m always looking for another rental service and they look to have several distribution centers. Gamefly is way too slow and GameznFlix has better shipping times but limited selection. Maybe my third service is the charm.

Rental services don’t really pay off for those of us with limited time. Alas.

Or maybe I’m just cheap. But $15 a month for 1 game is not an appealing deal.

random internet image here:

a bit ragged, but i’d think it could be easily cleaned up with a cheap HDD case from newegg :)

Just an FYI on Gamerang. I subscirbed because of the multiple distribution centers as well. I live in NYC and Gamerang has one in NJ. So I figured it would be much faster than Gamefly’s California center. Well, it takes at least five business days for them to get my game back and another five business days for me to get a replacement. If I hold the game for a week or less that means I’m getting three or less per month. So be warned, they aren’t much faster. YMMV.

Yea I cancelled Gamrang becaues they were pricey and weren’t any faster compared to Gamefly.

God I hate these rental places. Help us Netflix!

yeah yeah. get posting on the psp remote playing thing man, that’s actually a nifty sounding feature!

K0NY, I hope you’re enjoying everyone’s conversion from bashing you for every random Sony thread to begging you for any random PS3 first-hand tidbits :-) Also, FWIW, your posts in this thread are very reasonable and informative.

Hey, I was just poknig the bear because he was holding a sign saying ‘dont poke the bear’ I’ve always said I’m going to have to grudgingly buy one eventually, I can ask about the single whiz-bang feature it has.

Isn’t it? I did the math myself. (I’m assuming $60 360 games here)

Let’s assume you get one new game every month. That’s probably pretty good assumption.

Ok, let’s say you REALLY don’t have time to game, and get one new game every TWO months. That’s still 50% off. Even if you keep it two months.

And besides the rare Oblivion or the next GTA, there aren’t a ton of games you are going to be actively playing for two months.

I think it’s a great deal even if you only get one game a month.

If you plan on buying 3 games in a whole year, then it’s not worth it. Plus, with “Keep it now” prices being consistently $45 for new releases, and free shipping, the $15 a month fee makes up for itself instantly if you buy any of the games you rent. Hell, I might end up doing “Keep it now” for Rainbow 6 Vegas when it comes out. In fact I’m almost counting on it.

Looking at it another way, a one year Gamefly subscription (and turnaround times for me on the east coast are a week) is $180. That’s three games.

Like I said in another thread, I wish I had Gameflyed when I first bought the 360. If games were $30 it might not make sense, but at $60 it’s a fantastic deal.

I’m doing the same for r6 guapo, I’m even SURE I’m buying it, but I want to pay 47.99 instead of 59.99. It doesnt really save me $, but it acts a safety net on avoiding shitty games.

Do they charge you tax? Most new releases seem to go for 42.99. But assuming your price is right:

59.99 - 47.99 = $12.

So it does save you money (I guess you have to figure in the time it takes to ship it to you taking away from your monthly rental price).

Basically, for every game you buy from Gamefly, they throw in a twelve pack of Sam Adams, or Sierra Nevada, or your quility beer of choice. Creek. Score!

On the 360, there basically aren’t any games I want to play, so it’s irrelevant.

On the PS2, where I am still playing most of my games, I can buy older games for $20 or less. So no, $15 isn’t very compelling. Plus, keeping the game has some future value, because I have a daughter and some of them will be replayed.

I see what you’re saying, but for me, the 360 market is too limited to matter. I’m kind of sorry I bought one, but eventually the market will catch up.

I just scored a PS3 at my local used video game store. I walked in to get the Wii I’d reserved, and they had a 20GB PS3 on the shelf.

So basically I’m now looking very intently for work.

In case you haven’t seen it, I posted about the Remote Play in the Hardware section.

Flip it and look less intently for work.

I wish I could find one just laying around somewhere.

my average might be 2 games per month from them, bought, though, so it costs me money, if I didnt have gamefly, I’d buy less games.

I tend to buy any 360 game I play that isnt total shit, though I’m trying to show some restraint (didnt buy lego2 or tony hawk, but I will buy them after they drop in price, T.hawk is awesome and the wife can get into lego… a bit)

Yeah, that’s how my experience went too. She played the first few levels then went “You have fun with your Star Wars game”.

Probably because I was being a spaz about collecting the studs and not letting them get away when we died. I gotta remember not everyone plays games the way I do.

keri would just get pissed about dying, even though it didnt really matter. And she died a TON.

I still havent sprung marvel UA on her yet, I think the shit camera will piss her off.

I think I could snag ehr with toemball, but I really dont want her to like a singleplayer game, that sounds like an unnaceptable risk. Diablo 2 cost me my pc for months.

Mine finally showed up from costco at the end of the work day. The UPS guy literally tossed it at my door. I could hear the thump upstairs. Went down, opened the door, and he was already pulling away in the truck. That was right after the box the PS3 was in fell over on to my toes. Cringing at the treatment I set it all up, everything was fine thankfully.

Pretty painless install, since I just removed the component, optical, and network cables from the PS2. Adjusted component out for 720p (HDMI->DVI adaptor coming tomorrow) and the display was much nicer to look at. Registering for online was bad enough I had to grab my wireless usb keyboard with built in cheapo trackball, which all worked flawlessly. The interface for registering and the store is bad, basically a thinly disguised web page with very rudimentary navigation. Text is tiny and hard to read, on a 720p native TV. Hoping HDMI improves the sharpness, it did a ton for my htpc, but the text will still be small. I pity those with CRT or similar lower rez HDTV sets. Reading at HD resolution will be next to impossible for them I would think.

With that said the online store was pretty snappy performance wise. Not lighting fast or anything, but it all loaded quicker than even KONY was reporting. The 1.10 took a lot longer to install and reboot than it did to download. Grabbed Resistance and the Motorstorm demo, both download pretty quickly. Gave them a spin, then tried out Talledega Nights. Looked great, even with my TV having to deinterlace and scale 1080i to 720p. Better than cable HD by a surprising amount.

Then I ran into my first bug. I popped in Genji (damn bundle), and got no sound. Found a post from google that said the PS3 can screw up the sound after watching a blueray movie till you reboot it. So I turned it off by holding the power switch for 5 seconds, and turned it back on. It immediatly tried to launch Genji, but then crashed with a strange error code. Tried launching the demo games I had just downloaded but got the same error. Pulled the plug, started it back up, and thankfully it all worked this time.

Pretty sloppy if you ask me. I did like the way Genji looked, enough that I was surprised at first at the low scores. Then I tried to play it for awhile and I started wondering why the scores where so high. Blech.

Tomorrow is Linux time…