So, OJ got arrested

Connected with breaking and entering according to the ticker at the bottom of the CBS coverage of the NFL.

Saw this earlier.

I’m calling this stupid, right now. Why would OJ try and do anything slightly illegal with his track record?

He was framed by whitey.

According to the AP story, he was trying to get back some stuff that these guys were selling, including the suit that he was acquitted in.

He doesn’t really trust the police these days, so he and his friends were having a “discussion” over getting the stuff back from these brokers.

Is it true they found the shit in the back of a white Bronco?

He pulled this shit the same week “If I Did It” was released. I hope the Goldman family appreciates the free publicity.

Johnnie Cochran is dead, so I guess he won’t be the defense attorney.

Wow looks like he’s really in the shit based on the charges he’s being booked on.

Wow, how stupid is this guy.

Well the arrest should push it off the front pages. Of course, one of the victims is trying to recant and drop charges, but the police department is going to press forward with the investigation.

Yawn… Oh, wait what? Nevermind… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Man, no bail either. How’s he gonna find the real burglar now?

And in a decade…

“If I had Robbed Them…”

Actual quote: “I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m OJ Simpson!”

Bender: “He’s a saint!”

Are you kidding me? He killed his wife and some other dude and got off scott free, what’s a little armed robbery to a double murderer?

The DA is right to not drop charges even if one of the victims wants to. This is a guy who is dangerous and if you get a chance to lock him up, go for it.

I guess if he gets a good lawyer and they get the right jury, he has a chance of getting away with it again. I doubt he has the money for a top lawyer now, though.

haha–the dumbshit is caught on tape this time.

I don’t think he’s stupid. He thinks he’s the wronged party here–again. Nicole was ruining his life, this guy stole his stuff. He’s the aggrieved one!

7 felony charges and 1 gross misdemeanor… awesome

they say he will go to jail for up to 30 years if convicted of all the charges

what a dumbass

This guy is so batshit insane. He had the life. He was clearly pretty freaking rich. Even if he wasn’t, he had a level of fame that meant he could be playing golf tournaments on other peoples’ dimes for the rest of his life.

Why do people fuck up shit like that when they have it, when there are so many people who don’t have it who would give their left nut just to get there.