So... right or wrong?

Israeli troops cleared of killing journalist.

I can understand the journalists being upset, because many of them put their lives on the line and any decision that says killing journalists is not totally wrong is going to make them easier targets.

On the other hand, if a guy is standing in a combat zone, with flak-jacket, pointing a camera on a tripod at a tank… what can anyone expect his chances of survival to be? Seriously, any sensible journalist has got to think like a soldier, and make sure that they don’t look like an obvious threat.

“They would appear to take the view that any raising of a camera into position could garner a deadly response.”

Unfortunately, cameras can look a lot like weapons.

Personally I’m more concerned about incidents like Al Jazeera’s offices getting bombed by the US, which looked a lot more suspicious.

The damn thing probably looked like a field mortar or a tripod-mounted rocket launcher. I’d expect any soldier who cares about his squad to take the fucker out.

theres right and wrong, and then there is stupid, y’know?

If I were to go up to Mike Tyson and tell him that I think he’s a fucking cocksucker and that he has to suck my cock to prove to me that he’s worth a nickel, I would be within my Constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech. I would also be VERY VERY VERY STUPID.

Or in California, pedestrians always have the right of way. However, if I constantly run out into the street without looking for traffic expecting cars to stop, I’m STUPID.

or suicidal. either way, the effects are the same as aforementioned journalist: you gonna get your ass whooped