So Ron Mexico smokes pot

The big story here is: he flys AirTran?!

He should’ve hidden the grass inside his Whizzinator.

there is great humor potential here

… Ron Mexico?

Ron Mexico!

Idiot. Even I know that the only way to smuggle small quantities of drugs aboard a commercial flight is to cram the stuff up your rectum or vagina, and never on an inbound international flight into the USA (or the dogs will sniff your crotch).

Also, you want to be a little bit high yourself while traveling, so that you can relax a bit and not worry about the party favors you’re transporting in your tailpipe. Also, take Imodium to temporarily suspend bowel movements. Imodium. It’s not just for porn stars.

It’s a lot like Mike Honcho. As in, “I spread my butt cheeks as Mike Honcho.”

So let me get this straight - an NFL player is so stupid, that rather than buy his weed locally, he smuggles it in on an international flight?

no, he was smuggling it in a water bottle on a domestic flight to atlanta. i was just providing some extra caveats.

Looks like I smuggled a double post in there somehow, my bad.

Anyways, this could cast some interesting light on those “he’s not married to Vick” comments Blank allegedly made when discussing potential head coaches. Indeed the honeymoon may already be over.

Oh, so this is why he flys AirTan.

Fucking WHOOPS

What astounds me is how he could not have been aware that liquids are now prohibited on US flights. It’s posted everywhere.

Maybe he thought since he [was] their poster boy they’d look the other way?

Or maybe he was high, who knows. You thought he made bad decisions in the pocket…

Actually, the more I think about this the more it amuses me.
He actually managed to disguise drugs as potential explosives. That’s like healing a papercut by amputation.

I have never thought he was a good quarterback. My friends would laugh at me and say, he’s awesome (yada yada yada) and “he’s leading in rushing TD’s!” at times. That’s not a quarterback. Who’s laughing now bitches.

If there is any justice he’ll be released from the team or suspended for drug use.

Moral: If he just flew in from out of town and it’s not your weed, don’t smoke pot with Roger Wong.

Him carrying drugs into an airport proves that he’s a bad quarterback? Because otherwise I’m not sure what your point is.

Yeah supposedly the new Falcons hires were all asked “how do you plan to build a team around Michael Vick” or something like it. I’m pretty sure they’re in for a pound, as it were.

Good point. Very good point.

That he sucks. And now I can laugh at all the guys at work who are in the Michael Vick can do no wrong fan club. I live in the south man … there is a very strong following of Vick fans down here. You either love the guy, or hate the guy. Don’t tell me there isn’t a sport player out there that just annoys you that your friends all love.