So Saddam Jr. and Saddam Jr. II are dead?

From CNN:

Officials haven’t confirmed their deaths, but one U.S. official told CNN: “We are reasonably certain they could have met their maker.”

Are they sure that they met their maker or are they sure that there is a possiblity that they could have possibly met their maker.

Hmmm…should we believe it?

The two bodies are supposed to have a very strong physical resemblence, plus the Iraqi’s attached to the American troops positively ID’d them. They put up a fierce resistence too, which suggests that capture wasn’t an option for them. The bodies were shot up, but DNA tests will determine it for sure, as we have blood samples from members of Saddam’s family.

Plus, a 14-year old boy was among the dead, and that one of Saddam’s gruesome twosome son’s had a 14-year old son who he always traveled with.

Plus, intelligence and special forces had been on their trail for weeks, and the feeling was that they were getting very close to bagging them. There were reports of raids where they found the house empty, but the food on the table literally still warm.

So, while it’s still possible that it’s not them, the feeling is 90-95-percent certain that it is them. The DNA will hopefully be the icing on the cake.

The news sites are now re-posting this story as a confirmed fact. MSNBC reports that “senior Iraqi officials” have positively identified the bodies.

MSNBC also reports:

GUNFIRE AND EXPLOSIONS erupted in celebration in Baghdad as word of the killings reached the capital, NBC producers reported from the scene.

NY Times is reporting that Kurds had been tracking Saddam’s boys and filmed them going into a house. The video was given immediately to US forces, which ID’d the gruesome twosome. The 101st then came down on the house like a whirlwind, surrounding it.

Yeah, sounds like it’s confirmed.

I assume we’ll be smart enough to give someone that $15 MM reward, just to encourage people to go for the $25 MM jackpot for Sadaam.

With actual physical bodies and the amount of scrutiny this will come under, I don’t think this will end up being a ‘well maybe’ resolution. It’ll either be yes or no, although it’s too early to call it a definite yes. But that would seem to be the most likely answer.

Where’s Osama Bin Laden?

There was delight among people in Baghdad as the news from Mosul filtered through to the capital, but at least one man voiced disappointment that Uday, who ran much of Iraq’s media and sport, had been killed.

“I don’t want him dead. I want to torture him first,” said Alaa Hamed, who was a producer at Uday’s television channel.

He said Uday had personally beaten him with electrical cables.

If one or both of them was involved with running the resistance things might get easier for the U.S. troops now.

Beats me how they’d be “running a resistance” in a country with no working power or telephone lines.

If you don’t feel that statement is an exaggeration then I doubt I could ever take anything you say seriously.

Would someone pass Jason a note telling him how people communicated before the advent of technology?

Damn glad that we killed them (and the underage kid) instead of, you know, capturing them, pumping them for information, and then putting them on trial before the world. I’m sure they didn’t know anything useful. Like, say, WHERE THE FUCK THEIR FATHER IS.

Yes, but now we can use the government’s secret powers of necromancy to resurrect these criminals and interrogate their bullet riddled corpses!


Um…the government does have secret powers of necromancy now right? I read that in the Star. So it’s true.


I could have sworn I started this thread with the above quote, but if the Qt3 brain says I did not, I must not have.

Would someone pass Jason a note telling him how people communicated before the advent of technology?[/quote]

There was none. The 2 dixie cups and a string were the first communication over long distances, but surely the US troops would have seen a 100 mile long string.

Better dead and not undermining us rather than still trying to track them down.

I’m sure we would just as soon have captured them alive, but I think when they started shooting the commanders on the scene figured that was not going to be an option.

That hostile fire is a bit of a sticky wicket. I bet we did not even ask nicely when requesting they drop their weapons.