So that's who that is in Borderlands 2

Title So that's who that is in Borderlands 2
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When September 26, 2012

Craig Reynolds at The Paranoid Gamer explains who that guy is wandering around Sanctuary handing out sweet guns, asking for nothing in return. Michael John Mamaril was big fan of the original Borderlands who was diagnosed with a terminal illness..

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They seem to be pretty good with this kind of stuff. They had David Eddings do a marrage proposal once too iirc.

Well, this more than makes up for Duke Nukem. What a completely kind and beautiful gesture.

Does anyone know who provided the character's voice? I'm really hoping it was his buddy Carlos. Regardless, what a cool tribute.

:O I was thanked!

Gearbox is awesome. Between this, the proposal and wedding stuff, and several other stories I've read about fan interaction, they may be the most approachable and involved developer out there when it comes to fans. A+ Gearbox, Stuff like this makes me happy to spend full price on your software.

Thanks for the link back guys! It's really nice to see Gearbox do this for a fan and gamer we lost way too soon.

Wow, that is pretty fucking great.