So, the iPhone

Now THAT has some interesting game play angles! Just wish it were Verizon not Cingular =(


What kind of crappy forum doesn’t let me simply post “Old.”?

Yeah it sucks that it is Cingular exclusive.

I’ll buy one if they ever become available in Canada.

I encourage everyone to take a tour to Hardware and Technical Stuff.

A crappy forum that requires 5 letters in a response?

But on an average forum probably 25% of all posts are simply “Old.”

It’s like having a conversation without using the letter R.

It’s a cell phone with a touch-sensitive PSP screen, can play music, and maybe someday, crappy games.

Not impressed.

It’s a shame we’re missing that extra 25%, isn’t it?

It’s like eating steak without teeth!

You know, I could make a joke about the technical ignorance of the average Apple fan, but there’s no need when Steve Jobs is willing to do it for me:

The last bullet point is just in case someone in the audience is thinking about trying to reverse engineer the magic. Perhaps by sacrificing a pig. And just in case you’re having trouble understanding what you are supposed to do with this magical thing called a phone (perhaps you are still coming to grips with the mysteries of fire and pointy sticks), he lays it out for you:

In all seriousness, it’s a neat-looking phone. Or at least it will be until the first time you use it, at which point that giant fancy screen will forever more be covered with a haze of face and finger smudges.

Well, this is definitely a very nice product. MP3 player, video player, internet browsing, phone and game machine (although probably just crappy cell phone games) all in one. I hate having to lug around my phone, MP3 player, portable dvd player and portable gaming device on trips. Getting them all in to one device is very nice. To bad we’re still stuck with draconian DRM that will lock you forever and ever in to iProducts with no option of ever choosing players from other companies. Boo. I love Apple products, but I hate the philosophy behind them. They are the most user-friendly and at the same time least consumer-friendly devices around.

Well, the DRM thing is only if you’re syncing with iTMS-purchased music that’s on your computer. You’re still free to rip CDs and put them on the device, as far as I can tell.

Somebody will port MAME to it!

No wmv’s though, which pretty much nixes downloadable audio books.

I have no interest in a phone that is that expensive, regardless of how great it is, but IMO the fact that Apple realizes the killer app for a cellphone is making phone calls is GOOD, because most cellphone manufacturers seem to have forgotten this fact.

Nooooo. Not here! This god damn iPhone is everywhere I go today. Even this little gaming focused board has been infected.

The thing does look neat, but I’m one of those people who just wants a phone that makes calls, gets good reception, and is tiny enough to fit in the front pocket of my jeans without garnering “are you happy to see me” jokes. I wish one of these companies would stop adding features for a second and concentrate on the core functionality for a while.

A new little computing device that tries to do everything and then some; not news. If you read any gadget blog you see a dozen of these every week. A phone that just sets out to be the best possible phone, now that would be news.

See point #1.

I think Steve is making the phone just for you.

I sure hope they have more apps than the standard phone… a great UI is nice, but for $600 I would’ve expected being able to upload my own apps on there…

While I am happy to see a focus on core functionality they are going for not just the core functionality but more of a kitchen sink approach. They aren’t trying to make just the smallest, most capable and useful phone. Plus the price tag is a little prohibitive if you’re just looking for a phone. Perhaps if this is successful we’ll get an “iPhone nano” that fills the niche.