So they still make Deathstars I see

Back in October I was looking for a cheap 1TB drive and Fry’s just happened to have Hitachi 1TB Deskstars on sale for $70 bucks. I figured after all these years they surely must have improved the quality of these drives, right? I mean the last time I owned a Desktar was back in '02 I think when they were made by IBM. Well yesterday morning I boot up my machine and about 10 minutes into a Windows session I hear this rrrrrRRRRRRRRRReeeeeerRRRRRRRR. I’m thinking a wire became dislodged and was rubbing up against a fan but it turned out to be the damn Hitachi drive. Off an on throughout the day it would make a grinding noise which could only be silenced by power down and restarting my machine. Strangely the drive functioned normally during and after the grind noise and so far today it hasn’t made any noise at all.

I put in an RMA at Hitachi’s site but I’m wondering if it’s even worth it given that they’ll just ship me a so called refurbished drive. The funny thing is that the Hitachi drive worked just fine up until I installed my new Intel SSD drive above it. Hard drive jealousy maybe?

So, since it hasn’t made any noise today should I RMA the drive or just chuck it* and buy a new non Hitachi Deathstar drive?

*I’m thinking death via railroad track.

Hitachi quality nowadays is actually quite good. Seagate seems to be the worst right now (got infected when they married Maxtor, I guess). The only “avoid” models for the Hitachi are the 5-platter drives, which I think are just their consumer 2TB drives.

Basically, my personal experience is that failure rates on 1-to-2 terabyte drives are dramatically higher than they were with smaller capacity drives, and NewEgg/Amazon reviews and online forums seem to back this up. I’ve RMA’d 4 Seagates in the last year, and a WD.

I’d like to echo Denny’s comments. I’ve been through the S^#! with IBM Deathstars. When IBM was boasting about their glass platter technology I hopped on board and all my drives here and for work were Deathstars. At that time Western Digital a poor reputation, as did Matrix, and Fujitsu was great for playing roulette. Every one of my damn IBM drives started shredding itself every couple months. What a nightmare. One even exploded (literally - internally) while I was trying to backup my un-archived data. Lost all our pictures from the first Chrsitmas Jen and I spent together.

So after that Seagate became old reliable. I still have several Seagates from ~3-5 years ago that are fantastic. But a year or two after they bought out Matrix, their quality went down the toilet. I would love to know how such a good company with reliable drives descended into oblivion. Of course, IBM sold their HD divisions and their technology to Hitachi for a pittance. IBM wanted out at any cost hoping fewer people would sue their pants off. Hitachi has a commitment to their HD’s and are supposed to be good. I CANNOT believe Hitachi kept the Deskstar name though. Crazy! After my horrendous experience, I’d never buy anything with the title “Deskstar” stamped on it, no matter what the changes.

Now, I get Western Digital. I sure hope these last.

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Wouldn’t this imply that you did something to the drive during the install of the SSD? Did you unmount/remount the Desktar? It honestly sounds like a bit too much of coincidence.