So Tom, do you read the Justifications?

For the Edit and Delete Post screens, I mean. Or does Chet? I hope you read mine anyway, since I thought they were mandatory until I decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore it once. Was that a bad? Are there criteria for what is justifiable? I’ve entered “Because it was stupid” and “I’m a terrible-ass typist” pretty much exclusively for Deleted and Edited, respectively.

Between the advent of the new boards and this post, I’ve done maybe two to five deletes and probably more than fifty edits. I’ve never given a reason. It seems to work anyway.

I don’t read them, I have zero say in the content of the posts. That is all tom.

<to be deleted>

I don’t even know what you are talking about. I’m pretty sure I have edited posts, and I didn’t even see a place to justify it.

Maybe they only put that in for Bill.

If you click the Edit button for one of your posts and then click that same Edit button again after the edit box appears, you get a different edit page with some extra fields and options, including this ‘Reason for Editing’ field.

(edit: The ‘Go Advanced’ button appears to do the same thing.)

there is a justification box if you edit after 5 minutes (i think that is it, or maybe tom changed it).

Personally I am against user deletes, and mostly against user edits. That is what preview is for. Not allowing either on the poe sites results in tons of fun.

“I am going to sue you because you didn’t tell me I couldn’t edit my post”


Last edited by MyNameIsWill : 01-06-2006 at 12:42 PM. Reason: I am testing the justify editing feature.

So I guess anyone can read it.

Bring back Mark!

Ha! I was going to ask you if you would remove my silly dildo screed regarding game download sites. But I figured I’d said it, and it always annoys me when others memory-hole away stupid things they say, so it stays.

This board does, however, make it rather too easy to edit posts. I’ve already fallen into a bad rut of posting trash and using the AJAX edit box to proofread and fix mistakes. It’s just so easy to use it like that.

I think you can only read your own justifications. If you delete a post, only members with admin access (i.e. me and Chet) can see the hole where it was, along with any justification you want to insert. So feel free to use that space to send us coded messages (i.e. “Valve sucks!”, “PGR3 deserves more than 2 1/2 stars”, “Erik Wolpaw is a homo”, etc.).



Note to self: find a new way to send coded messages to Tom.


So, we all have admin acess? Sweet!

Ha ha yeah, it was a blast on OMM, too. Especially that JRKerr guy. Wasn’t he fun?

No Edit/Delete is great on a board with a more anything-goes atmosphere. Not everything goes here, for various justifiable reasons. So, you can check yourself before you wrizzle your sizzle, or whatever, instead of posting TOM IS A CUNT (oh, like you haven’t) and then having to email Tom and cry NO MAN I LOVE YOU SOB IT’S THE BUSPAR TALKING and he instead checks Qt3 first and bans you and then tells you to eat a hot box of fuck. And you know he doesn’t like that, his stomach feels upset all day.

(Chet, OTOH, likes telling people to eat a hot box of fuck)