So... Twitter sucks now

Don’t ever look at trending topics.


The myspace born murder of the english language continues.

This person is going to be graduating from high school.

How far have we fallen?

You’re only now discovering that the trending topics are useless to most people? It’s been like this for day one, so Twitter sucks no more now than it ever did.



A rebuttal

DRM sucks now too.

No, not really.

Either you get twitter, or you don’t.

Twitter definitely has interesting uses. In my neck of the woods all of the surfers, sailboarders and kiteboarders use it to post reports on conditions at the spots they are at. We do this via our phones to a couple of twitter hashes and then the tweets are collected and displayed on the websites we use to organize. No need to ever actually go on twitter other than to sign up.

Exactly. One of the links in my rebuttal is the USGS Twitter Earthquake Detector, which they’re experimenting with to detect earthquakes in places that aren’t close to seismic sensors. Often, they can get a report of an earthquake faster in these places via twitter than they can on a sensor.

There are interesting uses for Twitter, but individual tweets and the site itself is generally pretty lame these days. I get enough kicks out of updating my Facebook status. It’s less amusing with a reduced audience and higher frequency.

Here is another rebuttal, Guy Fieri’s Twitter photo.

No, I am just saying that there are too many uncool people on twitter now.

Time to move onto the next hot new social media app.

There are also too many ‘uncool’ (seriously?) people on QT3 now. Time for you to move onto the next hot gaming forum.

P.S: when you go, take alexlitel with you.

He’s being ironic. That’s so hipster!

(Did I do that right?)

I think you’re supposed to work in how by association you are not a hipster and then without skipping a beat change the subject to some obscure band.

Right, because that would be close to impossible.

“I don’t read Facebook/Twitter” is the “I don’t watch TV” for people who don’t want to give up TV in order to act like a snotty douchebag.

Can’t it also be for people that are either not interested in it or are too lazy to bother? I do use FB, but I can’t get motivated to bother with Twitter.

I don’t read Facebook/Twitter AND I don’t watch TV. Do I win a prize?