So Was Dark Angel Any Good?

I saw the collected episodes of Dark Angel for sale at Best Buy recently and I got to wondering: was this show any good? I skipped it entirely when it was out as it was head to head with Angel, which I was watching at the time. I do like a good sci-fi type show and I’m a big Buffy and Angel fan (and Firefly too). I read up a bit on Dark Angel but couldn’t find anything that gave me a real sense of whether the show was worthwhile or not.

So I ask the QT3 hive mind, worth checking out, or not?

Nope. Seems like we just had a thread about it recently.

I enjoyed the idea of it, but it went from about 4 to 10 on the crazy scale in just 1 season.

I have a hard time remembering that show. What comes back when I think about it is a lot of low light environments and Jessica Alba perpetually looking like she just crawled out of the East River. I saw it when it first broadcast and wasn’t impressed enough to finish the first season, much less go back for the DVDs.

Brian Rubin crashing thread with ‘best show ever!’ in 3… 2… 1…

Weird, I didn’t turn up another thread with a search - maybe a discusion buried in another thread that I didn’t read. So when you say the show went off the “crazy scale” what do you mean?

Google tells me I’m probably thinking of the Horrible moments in sci-fi/fantasy thread, which got Dark Angely on page 2:

No, it was bad.

Jessica Alba has two expressions, they have plots like “Max goes into heat because of her cat DNA”, most of the supporting characters are irritating.

Bad show.

The early episodes were good, but they slashed Cameron’s budget for the later stuff. You can see the difference.

Every once in a while, I flip to an episode of this on the sci-fi channel, and so far, they’ve all been universally terrible.

It was bad. Like a dark Mountain Dew commercial.

Yeah, but without the citrus infused caffeine boost.

I saw a couple of early episodes and never looked back. There’s no guarantee that it didn’t turn out awesome later on (frankly, first season Buffy ain’t that hot…though it’s still better than any Dark Angel I ever saw by quite a bit). But I doubt it.

What? First season of Buffy is awesome. Yeah, the second season got better, but the first drew me in right away. I still watch it.

Dark Angel is pretty bad, however.

I must have seen some amazing picture of Alba at some point in the past since both seasons one and two of Dark Angel ended up in my Netflix clue last month.

Season one wasn’t completely awful. I found it watchable as a campy, “how many times does Alba take off her shirt”, goofy show. It tries to be dark and dramatic, but ends up being a silly Buffy wannabe. There was not one, but two (!!), episodes based on the premise that she goes into heat every few months. I could only watch an episode every other day or so, so those discs sat around for awhile.

Season two started out as a complete nightmare. Inconsistent and poor writing. Plots all over the map. For only the second time I returned the last discs unwatched. As an aside, the only other show I returned unwatched was ALF. I loved ALF as a kid; apparently I was a fairly stupid kid.

Bad show. I watched for a couple of episodes only because of Alba and I’m a complete horn-dog, but even that wasn’t enough to keep me tuning in.

Now, if I’d have stayed around for the episodes where she went into heat, I might have turned into a lifelong fan…

Absolutely horrible. But yeah, she’s smokin’ hot.

Am I the only one who found the show’s attempt to interject ‘hip’ slang into 2019 youth culture embarrassingly bad? “Fly”, “Dealio”, “Crib”? Really? People weren’t even still saying that in 2000 when the show was filmed.