So. Web browsers: Satan's tool or spawn of the devil?

This morning I tried to log onto Amazon’s Author central in IE. I used a link to navigate to the log on page, but before I could type my email address into the account field, the browser (by itself) went back to the page I was on before. I thought I must have clumsily hit some sort of keyboard shortcut for “back”, so I navigated to the page once again, and then carefully started to type in my email address and . . .

the same thing happened again!

I thought maybe the link (automatically generated by IE) had some crazy redirection in it, so I typed the address into the address bar, but it happened again. I tried about a dozen more times. If I was really fast, I could get to the password, but I couldn’t type the password in fast enough to get it to log me on. At first I thought, maybe my PC has been hacked, but what kind of hacker fucks with you so badly you can’t type your password?

I tried Chrome. Same thing. I went back to IE. Copied my password into RAM, entered my email and pasted my password and (finally) it worked.

If you can call that “worked.”

Same thing happened with some other sites that required typed input too. Some of these sites aren’t looking for passwords, but other information. I no longer think it’s a hack. I think it’s just crazy. What can make this happen?

Aside: I tried to use my wife’s Mac Air on one of the sites that I was fumbling with, and I had much different results, but it was equally frustrating. In Chrome on the Mac, if a site needs to do a pop up to give you information, you are basically fucked. I could not figure out how to get a link with a pop up to work in Chrome on the Mac. I’m sure some Mac user will post the secret key combination, but that’s just fucked up.

Stuck key?

Jeeves, maybe.

No more snacks at the pc. I’ll have to put it in the dishwasher.

IE. What is this IE you speak of?

I do think it might have something to do with the keyboard. I got the same behavior when I tried to log onto the machine earlier this evening. On the screen where you enter your Windows password, it kept going back to the main log on screen where you select which account you want to use. I rebooted the machine and it persisted. I unplugged the keyboard and forgot about it, but then my son came home, plugged the keyboard in, and now everything works fine. Crazy.

I’m going to keep my eye on this keyboard. Maybe I’ll just grab a new one tomorrow at work. Appreciate your help mono, Rich. This is the kind of stuff that drives a man to drink!