So what about The Agency (SOE)?

Any news there?

Hey, news here!

Gametrailers has a three part walkthrough.

I want this game right now. Like, now.

SoE has a few interesting games this year. In their booth they were showing Kung Fu Hustle, Free Realms, The Agency and DC.

Kung Fu Hustle reminds me of TMNT arcade or X-Men. It’ll be free to play and you can purchase more life tokens per day (you’ll get 3-5 and every time you die, you use one to respawn)

Really didn’t see as much DC as I wanted, but I may go back by tomorrow.

The Agency looks really slick. I’m not sure how long the chuckles will last, but it looks fun.

Free Realms, well, Free Realms.

The animation was underwhelming, but I like the general look and concept.

Underwhelming was a mild word, they were terrible. Cool concept, even though it looks very easy and cartoon-like. This is a PS3 exclusive if I remember correctly?

PS3 & PC.

Seems to be cancelled yesterday in the large Sony shakeup. Not suprising considering how quiet things have gotten.

Yes, canceled, and most of the team doing the Agency was laid off, I think. The ones that survived moved on to EQ Next and Planetside Next.

Looks like a lot of the Magic: Tactics people got hit too. They say they are continuing that game, but it needs more than bug fixes and minor updates to get over the hump.

I’m glad Planetside Next is still under development.