So what are the must own PS4 exclusive games?

Kiwami is coming to PC soon. I would wager that Kiwami 2 will follow after a suitable time because if they’ve decided to bring the series to PC at all I see no reason they’d stop with 0 and 1.

Also if anyone wants to friend me on the PS4, send me a PM here. I don’t want to get spammed by randoms.

While I loved Second Son (and Infamous 2 on PS3), personally I found First Light an unengaging retread.

Nioh is another you might want to consider if you’re a Dead Souls fan- IMO graphically it’s closer to a late PS3 title, but the setting & story (albeit threadbare) engaging. It does have a PC release too, but I haven’t read that it’s an improvement on the presentation.

The Last Guardian is actually pretty good. Trico is easily the most believable animal character ever created in a game. It’s a typical Team Ico game, but that’s a good thing.

I enjoy Drive Club? It’s got goofy physics, but the tracks are beautiful and the challenges are fun.

Gravity Rush 1&2 are different and fun as diversion. An utterly unique control scheme.

LittleBigPlanet 3. (It’s on PS3 as well, but is terrible on that console. It’s meant to be a PS4 game.)

Upcoming, you’ve got The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima EDIT: and Days Gone and Death Stranding.

Well, if you haven’t played Symphony of the Night before, now would be a good time with last week’s port on PS4:

So 2 weeks later and some fantastic deals, here is my backlog! D:

Some great games there. I really want RDR 2 and God of War.

If I were you I’d start with The Last of Us - so good. I liked Horizon, but not as much as others seemed to. I haven’t played Uncharted 4 yet but the others were very good. I think you’re set for at least 500 hours with that pile!

Yep most of the winter for sure! Lets hope for lots of work from home snow days! ;)

That’s a big pile of third-person gaming!

What’s essential on the PS4 that’s not third-person out of curiosity? I’d never thought about it before until I saw your haul.

First person games tend to not be exclusive. The only example I can think of for this generation is Halo 5. Resident Evil 7 and Doom have VR versions that are exclusive to PSVR I think. But the big FPS franchises are mostly available on all platforms.

Eh… Not to put a damper on things, but that game is way overhyped. Just go in with low expectations for a mediocre cover shooter and a drip-feed narrative and you’re ok.

I loved it. It was in the running for my game of the year and one of my favorites ever. Mostly for the characters, story, atmosphere. I thought the gameplay was good, but not the highlight of the game.

I agree, but it’s still good to go in with the expectations that Cormac is talking about. That way you’re pleasantly surprised if you like it more than that.

Tetris Effect is pretty good.

You already have it? I’m going to wait for a sale, but I love music, and I love Tetris, so this seems like a match made in heaven.

  • Fallout 76. We can wait a exclusive 24 hours period before we can play. The PC guys are already playing.
  • Warframe Fortuna. We can wait a few exclusive months until Fortune is playable on our PS4.
  • Battlefield V. We have to wait a few exclusive days until we can play BFV. Some origin players are already playing
  • PSN. We pay for the exclusive privilege to play online. PC guys don’t pay anything.

And we get a more censored version of the games than fucking Nintendo (video is NSFW).

Wrong thread.

I don’t blame Sony one bit for refusing release of a game which simulates molesting underage girls given the events of the last year.

Good thing that’s not anything that was being sold in a PS4 game.

Sony is actively censoring anything remotely resembling sexual content in anime-styled games on their platforms, and moving forward, they’ll be blocking the entire visual novel genre from release on PS4, regardless of content or publisher. This means, as a major example, the all-ages cultural phenomenon Steins;Gate won’t see further releases on Sony platforms past anything that’s already been announced.

According to who? The idiot dipbag in that YouTube video? We have a single example of them requesting content be removed on a game. A single datapoint isn’t a pattern, let alone a prohibition of all visual novels. How can you even claim that with a straight face?