So what are the must own PS4 exclusive games?

Wrong thread.

I don’t blame Sony one bit for refusing release of a game which simulates molesting underage girls given the events of the last year.

Good thing that’s not anything that was being sold in a PS4 game.

Sony is actively censoring anything remotely resembling sexual content in anime-styled games on their platforms, and moving forward, they’ll be blocking the entire visual novel genre from release on PS4, regardless of content or publisher. This means, as a major example, the all-ages cultural phenomenon Steins;Gate won’t see further releases on Sony platforms past anything that’s already been announced.

According to who? The idiot dipbag in that YouTube video? We have a single example of them requesting content be removed on a game. A single datapoint isn’t a pattern, let alone a prohibition of all visual novels. How can you even claim that with a straight face?

How about an actual developer affected by this, plus several other examples? Note that many of the games listed further down in the article aren’t actually ports of 18+ PC games, but are actually new releases in franchises that have historically received T or M ratings in the US with no issues, and none of these games are being edited in the same ways for other platforms, including the Switch.

So your proof that all visual novels are being banned is a link that lists 3 games that were edited and released on PS4, two other games in process of trying to get certified and one game that was not released in North America or Europe after five western countries banned it?

It’s possible that there’s translation weirdness causing confusion with “visual novel” versus “port of 18+ PC game,” but given that many of the games being affected are visual novels that aren’t ports of 18+ titles, it’s hard to tell for sure without more publishers stepping forward to explicitly confirm such. Regardless, these are games being released on PC and Switch, and even previously released on Vita, being edited or even entirely blocked from certification solely on PS4. You also seem to misunderstand the issue, as these are primarily domestic releases being affected, not international versions, though western releases are running into their own problems, like the newest Senran Kagura game being delayed on both PS4 and PC in the west because the PS4 version alone has to have content cut out to appease Sony. On top of that, this apparent new business with Sony requiring devs to communicate with them exclusively in English is utter nonsense regardless of what games it’s affecting.

Again, wrong thread.

So, how open is HZD? I don’t tend to get into games that are too wide open and I have no idea what I should do next (e.g. elder scrolls)

The main quest is easy to follow. It’s about as open as a Far Cry or Assassins Creed.

HZD is a true open world with a interesting world. But is more streamlined at the start, it opens up a lot when you get to the mid of the game.

Sounds doable

Well I got a PS 4 for my son for his birthday tomorrow. He has an Xbox 1 but moving to a new school a lot of his new mates have PS4’s.

This week I have been updating and installing some games, got him Everybody’s Golf (he’s a massive golf fan and plays off 27 at age 11), Fifa 19, GT Sport and No Man’s Land.

Anyways i enjoyed using it so much I bought myself one today for Xmas. Also picked up Bloodborne and am looking to getting a few more games, likely HZD, Last Guardian, The Last of Us, Shadow of Colossus, Spiderman and Persona 5.

Been a while since I have been so excited for some new stuff I have never played.

@Reemul All of those picks are solid. I am actually excited for you! Getting to experience all those things for the first time is going to be a great start to 2019 for you!

That’s all good! If you haven’t played Uncharted, I highly recommend that collection.

Just scored psvr Astro Bot bundle at Fred Meyer for 99.99. Ask them to ring it up, even if they think it is 199. It should ring at 119 then there’s a 20 coupon.

That’s a killer deal! I was about to come in here and leave a snarky comment for @lordkosc about PSVR being the must have PS4 exclusive. I picked up the Creed/Super Hot bundle for Black Friday and… oh my lord! I can’t believe I ignored or was ignorant of this kind of gaming for so long. I mean, Firewall Zero Hour is a gaming experience with no reasonably close counterpart. While it’s not flying cars or hover skateboards level of future, it is certainly an amazing level of “the future is here” that I was not expecting.

That’s a shooter, yeah? Nausea not a problem?

I messed around a little today, but I ended up ordering an extension cable for the camera so I can get it closer to the couch. The headset feels pretty good, but the constant “out of play area” messages were a problem.

Nausea was only really a problem the first few nights. I don’t have any issues anymore that I can tell. Yes, Firewall is like Rainbow 6.

Careful extending your range. I’ve learned that the camera really is not happy if 8 or more feet away. You start getting tracking issues that cause sway, drift, or wobble. When all the way back on my couch, I get a rocking chair motion in the cockpit of Battlezone along with occasional “out of play”. If I sit closer or if the lighting is just different enough in the evening, it’s not an issue.

Yeah, I was pushing 10 feet. In addition to the out of play messages, the screen would kind of jitter front to back quite a bit. Extension cable will be here tomorrow. Then I can put the camera at about the halfway point.