So what are the must own PS4 exclusive games?

Camera extension came yesterday. Got a chance to try it today and it worked perfectly.

In case anyone is interested:

Looking for a fun golf game for my PS4. I’ve heard mixed reactions to The Golf Club 2 along with it apparently being far more challenging (mostly the putting) than I think I’d like. Also I see now there is a 2019 edition with The PGA Tour, but also again many comments regarding the difficulty with putting.

And it looks like EA doesn’t even make golf games anymore? I owned and enjoyed Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 The Masters for my PS3 back in the day.

So anyone play Everybody’s Golf? I am ok with the cartoony look if the game play is solid.

Franchise has been around 20 years (hot shots golf). Generally very strong with some video game elements (like hitting perfectly makes a fireball that goes farther etc.). I haven’t played this specific one.

It’s not bad. The courses can get a little unrealistic. Still, if you have a golf hankering it is fun.

With the campaign mode you unlock courses by beating AI character. I think I’m 4 or 5 courses in and it hasn’t been too hard.

Yep, that sounds exactly what I am looking for, just something to pick up and play if a friend is over.

I didn’t go for it when it was on sale since it has the 3-click swing method, which I don’t like in golf games. (Press button once, which starts the swing. Press button again in a certain range, then press the button a third time in a precise point when it comes back).

Oooh I liked 3 click swing, that was back in Microsoft Golf.

Just tied the demo for Tearaway, which I’ve had on my wishlist because of this thread and is currently on sale. No idea why, but I am experiencing motion sickness playing it, so I will pass for now.

Days Gone seems to be getting reviewed well enough to probably be on this list. :)

I’m enjoying it. It reminds me most of the Tomb Raider reboot from 2013, substituting Lara’s Climbing Mechanics with traversal of an open world on bike.

This on anyone’s radar?

It is now. So pretty!

I saw a VR tag on that Concrete Genie case they show at the end. They’re doing a nice job supporting PSVR and having a bunch of appealing titles for it. Hopefully the VR stuff will be forward compatible with the next generation too.

Yep, and it can be played in non-VR also.

Some walkthrough of Concrete Genie gameplay:

Walmart has a pretty good deal on games right now.

Grabbed these must have exclusives:
Days Gone $20
Marvel’s Spider Man GOTY Ed. $15
InFamous Second Son. $10.

Any other PS4 exclusives out this year I should keep on my radar?

If the following go on sale, they’re better than any of the three you already got:

  • Horizons
  • The Last Guardian
  • Uncharted 4 and/or Lost Legacy (LL is better)
  • God of War

Yep I have all of them except The Last Guardian , not sure if thats a game I want to play or just watch on youtube.

I was just wondering if there were any other PS4 noteworthy exclusive releases for 2019 beside Days Gone.

I’d of said Death Stranding but that will be out on PC next year where it will be better with mods. :)

God of War (PlayStation Hits version) is $10 at Amazon.

It’s the same price on PSN today too, which I think I’ll be biting on.