So what are the must own PS4 exclusive games?

There’s lots of crazy stuff happening in Dreams and you can buy the early access version. Concrete Genie is also a really neat game.

I just finished Second Son this week. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Was beautiful on a new tv. There’s a short standalone pre-sequel in the store, First Light, if you like it.

Best Buy’s Black Friday sales are already live and they’ve got God of War for $10 too along with Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete, Uncharted 4, Persona 5, Ni-Oh, Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank, etc.

Spider-Man is $14.99 along with Resident Evil 2, etc.

Does this mean it’s live in-store as well? Or do you have to order it online and then pick up at the store to get the Black Friday price?

Spider-man plus Resident Evil 2 at $15 each sounds scrumptious to me.

I’m not sure. They sent out an e-mail that had all the prices and “It’s live!” in it, but when you use the link sometimes you can’t get the price. Use this link to be sure.

If it’s not live yet, then it’s probably being held for Thursday doorbuster is my guess.

It looks like Spider-Man price is Live, and it lets me pick a nearby store for pickup.

However, the Resident Evil 2 price is listed under the preview section, so it’s not live, it’s still listed at $40.

Yeah, that’s what I saw too. It’s interesting that they’re doing it this way. I’ll bet Amazon is matching so keep an eye out over there for a similar price to Best Buy’s.

Anybody pick up Dreams?

I picked up the early access version a while back.

Is this something my kids (or I) would enjoy? Or will they just end up surfing between worlds with giant penis statues?

I haven’t encountered anything inappropriate myself, and there’s tons of family friendly stuff to jump into. You can go to and preload a vetted playlist for yourself to avoid surprises, to!

I am guessing Ghost of Tsushima needs to be added to my list. :)

Anything else come out this year that was AAA and exclusive?

Last of Us II

Ah yes that also! Lets hope for great deals on both of them around black friday!

So with the purchases of TLoU2 and GoT , I am guessing that’s about it for the PS4 exclusives for this gen.

Glad these will all work with the PS5 when I do get one.

A PS4 has been gifted to me, so I’m now wondering what I’ll get… eventually. Probably Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima, and maybe RDR2 and Dad of War. We’ll see.

What about that Concrete Genie game you linked the trailer for upthread? I think that’s not out yet, right? Maybe that will be a must-own PS4 exclusive?

Edit: Oh wow, looks like it’s out. So no one talked about it? Maybe it wasn’t that good? Or maybe I missed it.

It’s fine but smaller in scope.

Oh yeah Concrete Genie , and the new Spiderman Miles Morales game. So two more!

Basically all the Uncharted games, or any of them, past 2. Honestly if the grimdark TV drama of The Last of Us is too grimdark, you might prefer the same sort of gaming tourism w/ combat of the Uncharted games.

There are also a lot of smaller Playstation exclusive 1st party games that basically get no coverage in the “core gaming mainstream” but might be your cup of tea.