So, what do you like about QT3?

To me, it’s because everyone is so chill and down to earth:)

It’s like an underground Jazz club here, everyone chillin’ and listening to good music :)

Why do you visit this place? What keeps it on your mind?

and what can we do to improve it?

The relationships I’ve formed here since I first started.

This. Plus I appear to be tolerated. That doesn’t happen very often. :)

Even with the gap, he’s a better kisser than you’d think. The only hassle was having to crouch down just to reach his midget lips. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT, BABY, C’MERE

  1. The fact that we have a thread like this every three months.

  2. The easy way we slide from incredibly complex discussions to complete immaturity, usually in the same threads.

The way flame-threads are derailed into proper discussions.

free speech.

The fact that although we have to live with Dirt we can tell him precisely how we feel about his idiotic views.

Free speech can be a double edged sword. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Communal herpes. Nobody has to worry about infecting anyone else.

I like:

This message is hidden because Dirt is on your ignore list.

Free Tibet!

I like how this thread is in imminent danger of catastrophic derailment.

I would like Qt3 better on a console.

Free China!

Nuke China!

Hells yes.

Wait. I don’t believe in war. Scratch that.

Now with every McHappy Meal!

If it’s nuked, there is no opposition left!