So What Do You Smoke, If You Do?

No, not that stuff. Seriously.

I personally like Drum tobacco. I’m lucky enough to be able to get fresh packages of Drum Halfzware right near my house in Brooklyn. As well, I just found a place in Manhattan (Greenwich Village, near the F train station) that has the 150 gram tin for $10.00.

I have also tried TOP as well as Bali Shag. Neither does it for me.

I also like Sherman’s Cigaretellos when I don’t feel like rolling.

I understand that this thread is just begging for flames, but I mean it as seriously as the chocolate and coffee threads. Just wondering if anyone here that does smoke likes rolling their own. Or if there are tobaccos that I should know about.

Back home I always smoked Golden Virginia or Amber Leaf. For the taste I would go with Golden Virginia but Amber Leaf is a lot cheaper.

Horizon Orange… 50’s.

Because I’m a fucking bogan

I smoke American Spirits on a day-to-day basis, but I’m considering moving back to roll your own. (With, like, a machine and empty slugs; I already keep some rolling tobacco - again, American Spirit - handy.)

But I’d like to start playing around with different cuts and blends of tobacco, so good post topic!

Damn. I smoked for 17 years, recently quit. Spitting your lungs out FTL



+1 for the accidental humor.

Does Graeme Dice still post? I’m waiting for our resident antismoking facist to chime in.

I think he earned hisself a banhammer swat at some point, and nobody cared enough to comment.

First thing I thought when I saw the thread, was going to post earlier when it was first put up, but resisted.

Thanks for showing less self control than myself.

He’s still listed on the members page, but no posts since 11/2006. He was just this side of TeddyRexDX crazy though, so no biggie.


I am one of those rabid anti-cigarette types, although on special occasions I have been known to fire up one of Mr. H. Upmann’s finest and just kick back and relax.

I have been known to fire up one of Mr. H. Upmann’s finest and just kick back and relax.

Is that a kind of dildo?

Onyx specials.

Two whores were talkin’. One of 'em asks the other, “Do you smoke after sex?”

The other responds, “I dunno, I never looked.”

– Redd Foxx

Foxx FTW!

I smoked for about 10 years, smoked for the last time about 3-4 years ago.

I always smoked Marlboro, Camels when there was a good sale. I could never roll anything well, not even with the little machines.

When I felt upscale I’d smoke shermans, MCDs were my preference over the straights. I also smoked a pipe for a while.

Lately for some reason I have had a compulsion to smoke a cigar. I never liked cigars. I probably won’t smoke one and the compulsion will go away in time I hope.

It is actually a brand of Cuban cigar.