So what happened to the E3 coverage?

Yeah, I have the front page bookmarked, and you guys have promised this for a month now. Come on, we’re dying to find out the latest news from E3. :D

Well, there’s your problem, Kalle – you have the front page bookmarked. Why aren’t you just jumping straight to the forums like the rest of us?


Hey Tom, you’re just ashamed because you are a pitiful sellout. :wink:

Where’s your loyalty to us anonymous freeloaders who cost you money for bandwidth? :)

I have it half done. Well, I have it half done in my head. Ok, I’ve written a few pieces and I’ve thought about my intro, which is going to quote James Ellroy, and is my favorite part that isn’t done yet. I really should finish it, I guess. Maybe I’ll ban myself for incompetence.

Well I’m glad the word filters are no longer in place. That line just wouldn’t have been right.

I"m just happy to see that those French are finally out of our games. Sure took long enough. :)

[size=4]E3 coverage coming…[/size]

“Coming” to most of us automatically translates to “coming relatively soon” for most of us. In Qt3 time, it could show up just prior to next year’s E3 and it would be right on schedule. Its some kinda crazy dog age/people age equation.

True, he didn’t put a year/date so I guess we’ll see it when it’s done. Maybe he can release some preview screenshots of it or something to whet our appetites.

I’m still waiting for Old Man Murray to finish their E3 2001 coverage. In fact I’ve pretty much stopped following the gaming industry since. Is Duke Nukem Forever out yet?

Oh, it’s out alright.