So what Happened To the Smilies?

I thought they were voted in???

Correct. Now Tom is punishing us for wanting smilies. This thread is only going to make him more angry with us.

Nothing was “voted in”. As explained in the smilies thread, the poll was to see how people felt about animated smilies. Since enough folks are opposed to them, I’ll turn some of them on as a compromise.

In the meantime, refer to the colon and end parentheses key for the same effect. Or, if you’re feeling gaily mischievous, you may instead use a semi-colon. But if you simply must have some sort of colorful animation of a little yellow guy, there’s always the [img] tag.

There. Smilies. Whee.


That’s the official word.

EDIT: Thanks, Tom, for making my compilation useless. ;)

I just want to point out that this was written with a gay look on my face!

In other words, it was meant as a joke but you couldn’t tell because there were no smilies!

OK,that’s what I thought. I must have just gotten my wires crossed about when.Thanks.

Oh, BTW, not really sure why you are annoyed about people asking for the same stuff that was here before the “upgrade”…

Isn’t there something you can add to allow people to choose whether or not to see them? Seems like that would be the best compromise.

Oh, BTW, not really sure why you are annoyed about people asking for the same stuff that was here before the “upgrade”…

That’s not annoying at all. What’s annoying is people expecting that 111 pro-smiley votes vs. 98 anti-smiley votes means, ‘Yay, we win, we get all the animated smileys turned on!’ It’s not like I stipulated a plurality or majority or 2/3 vote for the amendment to pass or whatever Robert’s Rules of Order says about internet polls. I was just trying to get a feel for the situation.

However, since I managed to break the images somehow, it’s sort of a moot point for the time being. Colon. Closed parentheses.


Wait. You’re saying you’re not annoyed by the people who keep making stupid jokes about the situation, the length and number of the smiley threads, the silly [img] puns? These people are not annoying at all?

I must try harder!

Okay, maybe a little. Semi-colon. Closed parentheses.


I’d like a recount. Are these people who claim to be opposed to smilies, against the animated smiles, or just the use of emoticons in general?

Clearly, two sets of people. Clearly, some overlap. Your poll is biased. Do what you want!

Just remember!

Oh no, Steve! You hit 100 and you’re still Goodluck!!

Here’s a suggestion – give each of your sentences its own post.

Edit: Since you’re basically already doing that, here’s a hint with a little more thought behind it: start making REALLY LONG posts. You’ll have to bust your ass on the first few. Make them as boring as you can. Once you’ve got your name indelibly associated with tl;dr, you can post whatever you like and everyone will skip over it. Win/win! Or at least it seems to be working pretty well for me.

Who/what is tl;dr?

Too long, didn’t read.

Shit man, Tom had Diebold running the voting booths.

Bill D. can be a “who.” Sometimes.

Hey, no voting jokes to the Palm Beach County guy… :)