So what Happened To the Smilies?


That was in jest, of course. ;)

Smilies convey emotion, and sometimes poignantly enhance:

Hooray smilies.

That would be awesome without the subtitles.

Totally one of my favorite parts of that film.

For those who wish to fight back against “the man” I will once again recommed the Smiley Xtra 4 Plug in for Firefox.

What movie is that from?

Indiana Jones and the Case of the Missing Smilies. The scene where Kate Capshaw breaks the forum software while trying to save Indy by upgrading it. Semicolon. Closed parentheses.


Wasn’t she trying to debug the smilie code?

Totally didn’t recognize Harrison Ford there, thanks. Been a while since I watched those.

I could have sworn it was Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Yeah, and IIRC it was crawling with them.

Shock and Awe.