So what have I missed in PC gaming that is good?

Howdy gang,

I’ve been out of the loop for a few years now, just got a new desktop - what should I try? Current plan is more or less just skyrim and new vegas + mods (I’ve played them on 360, but never beat either one because I wanted to save them for eventual PC gaming)

‘Exclusives’? Games that were on console but much better on PC (I assumed the newer xcom title would be better on Pc and held off, so I may grab that)

This thing was primarily bought so I have something decent to model on for 3d printing and for photoshopping more comfortably, but I made sure it can play some games. First time for me with an SSD too, hope to be impressed.

I like everything except (most) sports titles and (most, modern) typical JRPGs

PS- PS2 emulation ever get up to snuff? I still have my dq7 and nocturne discs and never beat either one.

PPS- I’ve been ‘proper gaming desktop’ free for around 7 years… Anything in that range that still holds up is of interest

Dark Souls if you haven’t played it yet. Probably the best game of the PS3/360 gen by my estimation.

what were the last “big” games you remember playing? Just trying to get a more accurate reference point

Dark Souls’ PC port was shit.

Nocturne emulates nicely (aside from a few minor rendering issues), as do many other PS2 games, but as noted in a recent thread about emulation, PS2 emulation explicitly requires an illegal process unless you own a softmodded PS2 that you can back up the BIOS from.

This was gonna be my question, what kinda games do you love?

Out of the box, no question. But with the mods? Brilliant/gorgeous and amazing.

On pc? Whew… I have no idea. I did fiddle with oblivion and fallout 3, but on an m11x they were more or less 360 quality. I tried diablo 3 but it was hurky jerky on the little fella. City of Villains? haha. I have played mass effect 1/2, and msot anything that was also on 360 (I have a ps3 but it was only for Demons Souls and blurays… I should probably get rid of it)

I bought the witcher but it did not seem to run well back then, is the second one good? I guess I could find that cheap now… hrm…

re: Dark Souls, if the port sucks I’m fine with just having played the 360 version, nice enough looking and had a ton of fun with it.

Thanks, that is all I need to know. I don’t feel terrible about finding a bios rom, so I’ll go track that down independently.

whoa, there are mods for that? I’ll just move that back to the interested pile.

Moore…how do you feel about driving a truck? ;)

Love list:

rather than genres, I’ll list games as it makes more sense to me:
the old xcoms
the old ultimas
system shock(s)
elder scrolls
Tribes 1/2
Slow mech stuff (MW titles, Chromehounds - has to be something like that for PC? right?)
hitman (grabebd new one off steam, havent tried it yet)
GTA/sandboxy stuff
simcity 2k (havent liked any others)
4x titles but I’m picky
I like space games but can’t get most of tehm to click with me, I’d kill a man for a remake of the sort of shoddy old megtraveller pc game, or space rogue or something.

Oh and cheesy and overused, but I do love zombies (l4d never clicked, the mutants kill it for me unless the game session is immediately after a Demons 1/2 movie marathon)

I like adventurey shooters, like bioshock/halflife. Not so much into multiplayer FPs without weird elements (prefer tribes 1 over quake 2/3 big time, for example)

Loved silent storm, jagged alliance… uh… out of ideas

Having never driven a truck, I’ll assume you are implying installing “dsfix” is complicated. My experience with it was I extracted a zip file and changed the resolution to what I wanted in an .ini file and then played the game in high resolution, so I don’t think those two tasks equate. I might be wrong with my assumption though!

Link to the mod itself, and instructions on how to pull it off, for anyone interested -

haha, unless this is a truck sim joke, I’m too far out of the loop here to get inside jokes anymore :(

Heh, it is, but this is the most surprisingly awesome game I’ve played in years:

Totally serious.

As for space games, Drox Operative might be right up your alley.

I’ll check those out, I think I heard of Drox, Diablo-ish but all in a ship, right?

Yep, Drox is an indie ARPG set in a dynamic 4X Master of Orion type galaxy.

Dishonored. First-person sneaker (or shooter, if you want to get all Rambo.) that’s a love letter to the Thief games. Also, the new Xcom. Tactical turn-based squad rpg that almost manages to capture the original greatness.

I’ve lost 300 hours (no shit) to those two games alone.

And you should really try Bastion.

I don’t know what, if any, will be up your alley, but several games that I can think of:

[li]Crusader Kings 2 (Grand strategy)[/li][li]Guild Wars 2 (MMO, but not your typical MMO and no subscription)[/li][li]Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (Slow-paced RTS with some 4X hybrid)[/li][li]Path of Exile (ARPG with really deep character building)[/li][li]Warframe (Third-person coop shooter/action game, RPG game systems but not much in the way of story)[/li][li]Anno 2070 (Citybuilder/simulation)[/li][li]Diablo 3 and Civ5 (I didn’t care much for them but others rave about 'em, I seem to be the minority)[/li][/ul]

Thanks, both sound great. I think I have Bastion on 360, PC version is the same, right? I cant see it being better unless it has extras.

Great! I played an Anno title before, but that YEAR looks fishy - they made a futurey one??!