So when all the army vehicles are remote control, whose country reigns supreme?

Allez cuisine!

So anyway, watching a show on the History Channel recently got me thinking. The military guy on the show mentioned (intelligently enough I thought) that with remote control aircraft, what will really be important is having a generation of high dexterity videogame playing geeks manning the controls. (Interestingly enough, he mentioned that one person would control about 4 aircraft at the same time, making me immediately think of some low scale RTS.)

This raises grave implications based on national characteristics.

So, to get to my question, are we all going to be slaves to the Korean master warlords in 50 years?

Whoever mines the most resources, duh.

I was thinking of something more along these lines:


Next West Point Military Tactics 101 class topic: the zergling rush

Silly mortals, you think they are going to be remote controlled by humans? Guess again.

It would have to be as Linoleum posted with on board brains, otherwise, i don’t see how someone couldn’t just throw up a huge amount of ECM and laugh as all your radio control toys stop working.

That’s true. The brain-cell-controlled airplanes won’t cost you a fortune in Red Bull and caffeine mints, and they function properly even in Minovsky-Dense environments

I would just like to point out that, just as it did when I first saw it linked, that article continues to scare the shit out of me.

Does the future hold giant enemy crabs?

Also; No poll? Awwww.

Unable to comply, building in progress.

Computer controller combat equipment is so totally where warfare is going. The reaction times and calmness under a fire of a computer are going to be big winners once computers get sophisticated enough to do necessary tasks like accept a video input stream and from it recognize terrain and possible enemies.


Salt water really messes up electronics.

Anyone else think it’s funny that Bruce Geryk prepares his entire life for this, only to find out the war won’t be turn-based?

Just as long as I don’t have to be anywhere near them.

The Grantimaharian Empire.

I do not seem to have the option to make a poll.

Why? Because the man doesn’t want me to, that’s why.

Brain-cell powered remote-control vehicles will be a little too susceptible to zombies in my view. Land to refuel and rearm, and next thing you know one of the tireless dead is eating your computer!