So - where does a US based poker player play online now?

So, what are the viable options for a U.S. based poker player for playing online? Is there anything that looks sustainable? I’d had a good run on PokerStars, but now that NetTeller is dead, I’m off the tables (guess I do need to cash in my VIP points.) I hate to start up on some other site and then have my funding options dry up on that one too.

Any good recommendations? What are the players on the poker forums recommending?

If you have money on PokerStars, you can keep playing. They can cash out to you via check. IF you’re a winning player, and a little careful about bankroll management, you’re fine.

Pokerstars, Full Tilt, and Ultimate Bet, in that order. But there are lots of smaller options - here’s a good site that lists the sites and details their bonuses, etc.

The sites are currently scrambling to get additional payment/withdrawal options, but you can use epassporte on pokerstars, cheques, or western union.

Unfortunately, once the legal action got hot and heavy I cashed out of Pokerstars, so I need a place that I can safely get money into (and of course, out of.)

Yeah I think perhaps the sites are concentrating more on billing services rather than restricting US customers (though, in the sports gambling world, Pinnacle cutting off all US customers was a gigantic blow), and folks will have to rely on the old standbys, like Western Union.

— Alan

Pokerstars is certainly as safe an convenient as any, right now. Business is certainly booming there, since all the partypoker players moved over – last night’s Sunday million event had a top prize of $254,000.

There’s only a handful of companies that have banned U.S. players, and largely because they were also running an online casino business - Party/Empire Poker, Paradise Poker, Mansion - all banned U.S. players.

Pokerstars if by far the class site of the business, in my opinion, so if you enjoyed previously I don’t know why you’d look elsewhere. Just use one of the other payment options, if you previously used netteller. epassporte is apparently basically the same.

Yeah, I think I’d like to stay on Pokerstars, I just need to figure out a good safe way to reseed my bankroll there. epassporte looks like it will work, but they charge a big premium for everything, and I would be surprised if they aren’t next on the hit list.