So where does an Israeli boy goes to get games?

Since the dollar is not at its best at the moment (my condolences) I’ve decided to run with my little Israeli shekels and make some online purchases.
So I’ve finally remembered there is a game called UFO: Extraterrestrials and that last Thursday I’ve contemplated on acquiring it, however, I can’t find anywhere to buy it from.
Their website directs me to some other website where it wants EUROs.
So instead of paying $20 (cheap!) I am to pay 20 EURO (not cheap!!!) + some taxes (WTF? !@#$% european consortium extortionists! never ever buying anything off of there!).

No way!

So anyone knows any USA based direct download that sells UFO and is willing to accept American Express from Israel?
Or has the dollar dove so deep that American Express, for members outside the USA, is now as worthless as Visa and only USA-based credit is accepted? (where has the prestige gone?)

I can’t actually answer your question, but I can warn you to buy something other than UFO: Extraterrestrials. It was just break your heart.

Actually, with the mods it’s quite good.

That bad, huh?
So, lets say X-Com is the gravity center – how far off pivot was it?

I can’t speak to what JM says above; I bought the game at release and played it on and off for a couple of months, adding mods and mod compilations as they were released.

I’m as big an XCOM fan as there is (which probably counts against my objectivity) and I think that UFO:ETs was pretty far off. If there’s some later mods that improve the game that dramatically, I’d like to try them.