So which is the lesser evil?

EA and Activision.
Both notorious for giddily butt-fucking gamers (read: their customers) for an extra buck.
EA has John Riccitiello and a track record of buying studios only to help them reach ruin and closure.
Activision has Bobby Kotick and its own fumbling history of shames.

I can’t do a poll, but I can just ask: Who do you consider worse? Which will you never conduct business with?

I suggest plaing them both in a cage and announcing whoever comes out alive as the greater evil. No matter the outcome, the gaming world will still be a better place without at least one of them in it. ;)

It’s like asking “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Didn’t Riccitiello clean up the “EA wives” problem of EA’s developers working insane hours (even by the gaming industry’s standards)?

EA is worse, but I still deal with them so far. Though this Origin annoyance is making me wonder why. I have like… 3 or 4 accounts with EA at this point and its fucking annoying. I tried to play DA:O on Steam a little while ago and had to make another fucking account and jump through hoops. Plus this whole “lets make our own Steam and pull everything off Steam!” thing is just shitting on customers and being obnoxious.

Activision hasn’t really done anything to piss me off that I’m aware of. EA does shit that pisses me off on a monthly basis.

You forgot Ubisoft.

What Lorini said!


Sony Online Entertainment has kicked me harder in the nuts than anybody else.

I’m boycotting EA, not buying any product that’s got their logo on it.

I don’t have such a stance on Activision even though I have a personal grievance with Blizzard(or rather, with their customer service). That said, though, there’s nothing coming out from their end I’m even remotely interested in getting either.

Blizzard and Activision joined up to make the worst PR/Customer Service duo on the planet. It’s really impressive.

I’ve never liked EA but after picking up The Saboteur I’m especially angry at them for shutting down Pandemic.

Activision, until EA did the unthinkable and rebranded Origin. Unforgivable.

I really like Call of Duty and the main people are caught in between Activision and EA at the moment. Actv seemed to screw them over and now my fear is when their first game comes out under EA, it’ll somehow screw us over.

Both are scummy, value-destroying companies that have annihilated many quality developers, but at least Activision’s brand of evil makes money (even if that’s almost completely due to Blizzard and Call of Duty).

I’m also not a fan of EA’s new focus on social/mobile games, which Activision has tended to avoid.

I am afraid EA won vs. Sony as well in the "Who is more the devil?" of 2006. Times do change, though.

The Street Fighter IV costume packs say hi. No one is better at screwing over the fans than Capcom!