So which is the lesser evil?

Trying to argue which is “worse” like they’re both embodying some objective evil is rather silly and juvenile, don’t you think?

That being said, I feel like Activision makes good games – or at least iterations on proven mechanics, if not really innovating – while EA kind of squanders their sparks of creativity on execution that’s almost always horribly bungled in one way or another.

Activision is responsible for driving Guitar Hero, and by extension an entire genre of games, into the motherfucking ground. Several of my current coworkers are former Harmonix employees who bore the brunt of that crash. (Fortunately they landed on their feet.)

I hate Activision way, way more.

Actually I’m quite happy about that as I detested that genre. People were obsessed and needed an intervention. Fortunately Activision helped out with that.

I don’t agree. The plastic instrument Simon Says genre was inherently shallow and short-lived, and it would’ve died off quickly regardless of whether Activision tried to cash in or not.

Yeah why play with mini devils when you can poke at the big one!

Both are evil. However, I get the (probably mistaken) impression that EA execs genuinely enjoy gaming as a hobby, not just a business. Contrast with Bobby “I want to take all the fun out of making video games” Kotick.

Also, I haven’t forgiven Activision for what they did to Infocom.

For me it’s a choice between EA and Ubisoft. But I’m not informed enough to say who’s worse. As for Activision, I don’t recall ever having any memorable reason to hate them.

As opposed to what EA did to (in no particular order) Bullfrog, Westwood, Origin, Maxis, Pandemic, Mythic, and is currently doing to BioWare?

What is EA doing to Bioware?

There is something about being on the top 3 that makes publishers and/or developers act like total dicks. Ubisoft used to be one of my fav companies. These days its like Nintendo: Constantly milking a few series while ruining others.

Give me a new decent Prince of Persia FFS!

Killing it.


Oh, it’s getting worse.

SF vs Tekken is having DLC gems, which are superior to what you can get in-game. Basically, you’re going to have to pay to get a stronger character.

Also, you can’t turn the gems off. This gem thing might bite Capcom hard, many folks are saying they won’t buy the game, and they’re legitimately liking other stuff right now.

It’s funny because my current gaming boycott list is EA/Ubi/Acti + Capcom.