So who else loved Very Bad Things?

My roommate and I went to it on release and it was a brilliant experience. The first 15 minutes start normally, with only a hint of what is to come in Cameron Diaz’s line about not doing too much coke in Vegas. It kinda just sits there in your mind, a little splinter nagging away at you, not quite in tune with the comedy road trip movie you were expecting. Then you kinda accept it’s gonna have a harder edge and run with it, getting used to the initial craziness of events in Vegas. Of course, after the hooker, it’s just a rollercoaster trainwreck.

About the time of the “car accident”, about one third of the audience had spontaneously left. Mind you, this was a nearly full theatre. First a couple left, then three more, and suddenly a mass evacuation started. I remember this very clearly, thinking why are they leaving. I could understand, the movie was getting pretty shocking by then, but it had that hook. I had to know what was going to happen next.

The on-screen trainwreck continued, disaster after disaster. It never quite reached that peak of the car accident, but went on strong until the ending.

After the movie ended, everyone left before the credits began. We went outside, this deep-seeded strange feeling inside us, cooking away. Outside the theatre, we raised our gazes, all looked at each other and laughed uproariously. It was this sweet, relieving laughter that somehow did away with all the emotional baggage from the movie. It suddenly clicked how funny everything was, how all the characters more or less deserved their fates. And everyone kept laughing for two or three minutes. My stomach was hurting by the time we got to the car, and then it dawned on us what a weird experience that was.

Absolutely the most unique movie-going moment I’ve ever had.

Me and a few friends saw it in theatre and were laughing our asses off the whole time. A lot of people left there too. Dunno why. It’s one of the greatest black comedies I’ve ever seen.

Twizzlers! Twizzlers!

i did.

(but i can understand why people walk out after the first 1/2 hour or so - it’s pretty unpleasant before it switches gear)

Absolutely loved it, laughed my ass off.

'This is MY day" CLANG
'This is MY day" CLANG

Agreed, One of the better movies I’ve seen. But you’ve gotta have a warped sense of humor for it.

Are we talking about the same Very Bad Things? The one with Christian Slater? Because I saw that movie and it was, how you say, not good. It had a strong premise, but went wildly off the rails into fantasy-land pretty quickly. Everything was played way, way too broadly for me to believe or care about anything that was happening. Black comedy is a tough thing to pull off well, and Very Bad Things just isn’t in the same category as something like Fargo or, god knows, Dr. Strangelove.

It’s “Whizzers,” metta. They don’t have any fucking WHIZZERS!

I fucking love this film. I laughed my balls off through the whole thing. Every time we throw a bachelor party here in Vegas, it gets referenced. I am usually applied the role that Slater had ;_;

awesome movie, simply awesome.