So who's in Las Vegas?

Bill D, VegasRobb, anyone else? I’ll be out there next weekend, and could swing hour or two to grab a couple of beers somewhere. I’m thinking Saturday afternoon, but Saturday evening might be workable if that’s the only option (I fly in Thursday morning).

Short notice, I know, and if it doesn’t happen I’m not going to sweat it. I’ll be staying on the Strip (the Excalibur), and would prefer to meet up somewhere in walking distance of there.

If at least a couple of people are interested, we can lock something down.

Cool. :)

Well, I’ll be in Vegas next weekend too obviously but won’t arrive before sunday evening.

But I’ll be there until next sunday (the 14th) and would be happy to buy a drink for the locals, since I’ll be missing out on the CES-QT3 dinner - I probably owe Bill one anyway for picking my hotel for me (providing I like my hotel ;)

I’m catching a red-eye out Sunday morning (the 7th). I’m just out there for a few days unrelated to the CES.

I’ll be offline until tonight, but I’ll check back here then.


It looks like I’m staying until Monday morning after all, so I could swing something either Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Heh. Well, you just hang out at the bar and check out the cocktail waitress outfits and get back to me on that, Big Fella.