So who's in the biz?

I am just wondering who is in the games business. I have heard many people here hint about working on certain games, but just want to get a running tally of who is here, what games they have done (or what they write for), ect. Thanks for ending my curiousity.

P.S. Yes Derek, I know that you work on Battlecruiser games ;) :)

He does? I do not remember him mentioning that. :wink:

I can’t find any screenshots for that game. My game-buying money is burning a hole in my pocket, yet I can never find a Battlecruiser screenshot to stir up my passions about the game…

You might want to check out this thread.

It’ll give you the lowdown on most everyone here. Those of you who haven’t commented on that thread… shame on you! :wink:

Here’s one of my favorite shots of Derek’s hard to find pre-Battlecruiser game: The Smart Bomb: Aliens Beware. He uses these same graphics in his Battlecruiser games so this is fairly representative of those screenshots which are hard to locate.

Hope that helps Ted. :)

Thanks for the link. Lots of people older than me with jobs and a life… :)