So yeah, Gamestop sucks


It says in small print augmented reality is included somewhere in where which google tells me is imposing CGI in the real world so is that like… Pokemon Go? if that’s the case would Mobile be understated or are they maybe counting it twice… There are not enough definitions and explanations in this report I paid nothing to get.


I could see it making sense if they were talking hardware sales only, but they definitely aren’t, as they include Skyrim VR etc. There’s no way VR+VR titles made half as much as all consoles+all console games+DLC/etc. It just isn’t true.

Whatever metrics they’re looking at, they vastly undervalue consoles.


They’ve got this little line here in the footer:

virtual reality, augmented reality and mixes reality

But they did’t actually put the {2} anywhere. It’s also under interactive media so maybe includes more than just games. Mixed reality doesn’t seem like… games, or maybe not just games.


Right, what I mean is digital downloads only. A lot of the VR stuff was digital. If you look at the Oculus store and the HTC/Steam stuff, it would all be digital sales. I would wonder if they aren’t counting the subscription games sold on consoles via PSN and XBLive. There’s a large sentiment of wanting to have a physical copy of a console item so you can trade it in.

edit: also, that number for Esports doesn’t seem right either haha.


Pssh, I’m not contemplating this stuff, that’s what I have you guys for. Incidentally, I need you all to wrap this up so you can get back to min-maxing the PoE2 skill trees so I can level up.


Why are you here!?!? LOL


I dunno, bored. Keep hoping Dave will pick another fight with me, I guess.


You know the Switch is just another Nintendo gimmick, right?


I think the whole issue is this chart is confusing. So, on the left is digital sales. All phone and PC games are digital. I don’t think you can GET a physical game outside of vanity pressing or special kickstarter stuff. Then they throw consoles on there and don’t really say anything.

So, we HAVE to assume that the console sales are digital. It still sounds low, but realistically, we’re a pretty savvy group around here and probably do digital gaming more than others. I would assume that digital game purchases on console is pretty low compared to physical.

Then there’s the right side, the “who the hell knows” side of the chart. Esports revenue sounds low. Was that only League of Legends? Then what the hell is GVC? Then VR, does that include hardware? It would have to, wouldn’t it?

edit: Gaming Video Content - so, uh, like Twitch? Why the hell would this be in the chart?



I’ve heard that, yes. A last ditch effort for a failing company, I hear tell.


I think “digital games” just means video games. If that’s true, console gaming seems like a waste of time in comparison to mobile.


SEGA was the worst company ever and never had any innovative titles or talented designers.

(I may have gone too far. I’m sorry, Dave)


I’m not sure, but I’d believe these numbers over the other.


I don’t like these numbers, they must be fake…

Serious though am I missing the VR piece or is there some other report I’m supposed to read for that. Now i just want to know.

edit: I see it… VR Projects.


I think VR Projects represents money invested though, not revenue. Also, the source for it is still Superdata.


The Newzoo numbers seem more plausible, yeah.


You’re right. the VR stuff is still Superdata. Are they the only ones really tracking VR right now, at least at this level which would be interesting.


While GameStop does indeed fail to please at my local retailer, which has exactly half a kiosk of PC games, I did have a good experience with them this week. I had not heard from Amazon about shipping my ESO CE, and then I began hearing that Amazon had oversold it. My wife bought the digital CE, but I bought the physical so we could have the book. I saw that GameStop’s site indicated they still had copies, so two days ago I ordered from them and cancelled my Amazon order. GameStop (via UPS) had is on my doorstep this afternoon.