So yeah, Gamestop sucks

Not only hard work, but definitely not a sure thing, either. For all we know, that could have accelerated their decline, if they tried and failed (more likely than not, I would say). It’s easy in hindsight to say that their current course was the wrong one, but not so easy to do that from a few years back.

Or I dunno, maybe given some thought to what customers actually want out of a retail video-game experience and tried to deliver that? Nah, let’s jam our unwanted but slightly higher-margin categories down their throats until they give up and leave the store to get the hell away from the poor employees who are required to harass them.

Sure, maybe they were d0med no matter what, and likely a hypothetical successful GameStop can’t exist at the same scale as it did in its glory days – the demand probably just isn’t there to support the footprint. Maybe there was no path for GS to get there, the vampire finance sector doing what it does with publicly traded companies. But still. Of all the paths they might have chosen to walk, this came with a lot of guarantees of failure.

Meanwhile, more stores closing.

Are these sorts of gaming hangouts popular anywhere in the US? I know they are (or were at one point) popular in Asia. I just imagine Americans not wanting to leave the house.

At least the logic behind that purchase made sense- it just didn’t work out, mostly because PC gamers had reason to dislike and distrust Gamestop by that point, and Steam’s monopoly was entrenched, and Gamestop wasn’t willing to go the EGS route.

Yeah, if I recall the size/layout of typical Gamestops, turning them into gaming cafes is ludicrous.

Maybe years ago, if they switched to larger stores, in the right locations, and went all the way with the concept… maybe. But they would also be doing Magic the Gathering, board games,and the like and selling some beverages and food. Much more like a modern board gaming store.

This image of a bunch of gamers dialed into separate experiences with headphones, jammed in side by side at tables… no one is going to make that their destination for a fun night.

Why is a guy based in Australia writing about Gamestop’s concept stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Been to the library recently?

Not recently, but already a decade ago it was full of tweens playing games. (Though my library has a 1 hour limit after which you have to go to the end of the waiting queue again.)

GameStop has stores all over the world.

Hey, I’m in Tulsa! If I happen by one of these “pilot” stores, I’ll report back.

Don’t forget film footage and interviews & testimonials.

Somehow I don’t think this allows me to purchase my stuff with fewer hard sells and faster than I could before.

Not the stores they’re testing in Tulsa, OK that this guy is writing about.

Kotaku has authors/bloggers all over the world like Plunkett in Oz and Brian Ashcraft in Japan. We all know that blogging and games (all actually) journalism can’t afford actual boots-on-the-ground reporting and most consist of regurgitating other sources. GamesIndustry, who at one point had a print version, in this case. Luke covers cosplay for Kotaku mostly.

That subreddit’s posts are downright depressing.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell me here? If you’re saying this is crappy reporting, then I agree.

Is this what mansplaining feels like?

I’m just resigned to expecting crappy reporting as the expected standard for games journalism.

I mean, yeah, me too. I just think it’s worth pointing out the reporter hasn’t even visited the concepts and lives halfway around the world when all everyone wants to do is pile on Gamestop as a failure. How can he possibly know anything about these three stores other than what he sees in photos? You have to put boots on the ground in these places to write reasonably about them, and enter them without pre-conceived notions either.

…survivor stories, lol