So yeah, Gamestop sucks

The one in Sault St Marie Michigan is dead. That was the only one within like 800 km of me, and I used to stop there whenever we’d do cross-border shopping. Gonna miss it.


Apparently they are doing B2G1F on used AND new games (physical only) for Memorial Day.

Can you say “fire sale”?


So when Target has that same sale a couple three times a year you think they’re going out of business too?

I mean, target isn’t circling the drain by every objective measure so

Target isn’t Gamestop, and you damn well know that. I don’t think I have to explain the difference between a loss leader and core business, but you do you.

Thanks for the heads up. I hardly ever shop at Gamestop but this sale got me new copies of Control and Walking Dead Definitive Edition for Xbox One, and God Eater 3 for the Switch, for $60 (or any one of them free since they’re each $30).

Except for first-party Switch games. Fuck 'em.

That’s almost certainly due to Nintendo restrictions.

Perhaps, but when Target and Best Buy have had these sales in the past (pre-Switch and post-Switch IIRC), 1st party Nintendo was not excluded. Makes me suspect that it’s not contractual restrictions as much as bad margins or supply constraints by Nintendo.

Could also be that GameStop has different contractual obligations than Target or Best Buy.

I’m not sure if that is true. My recollection was the last Target one excluded 1st party Nintendo, but I could be wrong. But as Adam B noted, it could also be differences in agreements between the parties.

Yes, Gamestop sucks.

I needed to return an unopened console.

  • The stores in my state were open so I took it there. The manager was very helpful but his system couldn’t accept it (it was showing a ‘hold’) and we sat on hold with Corporate for 30 minutes.
  • I called their CS the following day (Friday): “We’ll send you a return UPS label via email” Label never showed.
  • Monday I call CS again and I wait on hold until label shows up, and I immediately ship it and it arrives at Gamestop on Wednesday.
  • Their emails say “it can take up to 3 weeks to credit your account”. I say “bullshit” but decide to be patient
  • 3 weeks later - no refund. I dispute the charge.

I noticed that my credit card almost immediately resolves the dispute with no further proof or paperwork from me… I’m assuming that banks have had plenty of issues with Gamestop and their reputation sucks.

Generally, chargebacks are automatically approved for the customer, and must be actively disputed by the company (which many are liable to do as getting too many associated with your credit card processing account can increase your fees or even result in account cancellation).

There’s a little more to it than that, obvs, but that’s my high level recollection from my time working in the utterly vile credit card processing industry :)

I am glad you got your $$ though! Fuck Gamestop :)


I’m assuming that Gamestop is trying to control their cashflow issues by extending any return credits… but screw that. After this experience, I am never buying from them again (although as a PC gamer that was likely never gonna happen anyway).

Just received what was supposed to be a new copy of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition for Xbox and it is clearly a used copy with no cellophane wrapper or side new sticker. There were a bunch of labels on the front with the top one saying “New”. So yeah, FUCK Gamestop.

Hey, it was new! At one time…

So, last September I bought something at game stop, and I was there with my wife and kids (I don’t even remember what I was buying, maybe pre-ordering Splatoon 3?) and somehow I got talked into their stupid rewards program. Every month, they said, you get a $5 credit. Save those up for a year and that’s like getting a free $60 game!

Well, it turns out you can’t save them up. You have to buy something with them every month. Well, no worries, I just got a $5 nintendo eshop credit every month. Fine with me.

Today I went in to get my January $5 eshop credit. And… they won’t do that anymore. The minimum eshop credit you can buy from them is $10. So my free $5… cost me $5.

So angry. Oh well, at least I still get Game Informer. It’s cool to flip through when it shows up.

Haha, yep. I got one because I had to buy three Rock Candy controllers in a hurry, and I broke even on the $15 membership purchase that day because I got a $10 one-time credit and they somehow let me save another $5 on the purchase (I think by ringing up the two controllers first, and then the third one.) I did find one other thing to buy at GameStop in the next 12 months, so it netted me $5.