So, you got banned from Fortnite


Even as Fortnite gears up for another Avengers marketing event, Epic Games is dealing with rampant cheating. The company announced over 1,200 bans handed out to cheaters in the first week of the World Cup Online open tournament. Punishments were given to players sharing and boosting accounts, switching regions, teaming up to trade kills, and even using software modifications. In one strange case, a professional eSports player was tattled on by the person that sold him the cheating app. Cap would give you detention for that.

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So, is that a lot of cheating? Hard to know. Fortnine has 250,000,000 players worldwide. I don’t know how many of those are competing in the tournament (which is open to anyone), but even if it’s only 1% of the total player base, that would mean they’ve banned a whole 0.05% of tournament participants for cheating.