So you liked Katamari Damacy's music, eh?

So you’ve played Katamari Damacy or We Love Katamari Damacy and you’re wondering, that’s some really good music, are we sure it was created by the Japanese, those endless purveyors of relentless, cookie-cutter, bland, tired pop centered around the idol of the week? But it’s true, there is good Japanese music out there and the creators of Katamari Damacy, I think you’ll agree, have some good taste.

So I’ve put together an MP3 collection of music and artists that sound similar or are of the same type as the Katamari Damacy songs for you to download.

The soundtracks are varied though, so no matter which tracks you loved or hated, I’ve got you covered. The format is like this, you look up the song you liked, you try the three MP3s from artists, you like or you don’t, but it can’t hurt to try, especially if you wondered if there’s anything else out there like the unique Katamari Damacy soundtrack (there is). You can find the songs that follow the path of their Katamari cousins on the MP3s by using this handy guide:

Katamari on the Rock - KDR
Kusahara Tron - KT
Baby Universe - BU
Makka na Bara to Gin Tonic - MNB
You are Smart - YRS
Katamari Mambo - KTM
Tsuyogari Damacy - TSD
Katamari Holiday - KH
Lonely Rolling Star - LRS
Katamari Taino - KTA
Que Sera Sera - QSS
Blue Orb - BR
Getsu to Oji & Disco Prince - GTDP

And here’s where you can download the pack of musical goodies.
Without further ado:

…so you liked Katamari on the Rock:

Ketsumeishi - Kimi ni BUMP (Bump into you)
Porno Graffiti - Mugen (Dreams and Illusions)

…so you liked Makka na Bara to Gin Tonic (Katamari Damacy):

Black Brass Bottom Band - The Uchuu no Whoa-Whoa!
Bloodiest Saxophone - Vanessa
Shiina Ringo - Mayonaka wa Junketsu (Tonight is Pure)

…so you like Katamari Mambo (Katamari Damacy):

Rip Slyme - Funkastic
Nomiya Maki & Crazy Ken Band - Cosmic Night Run
ORANGE RANGE - Onegai! Senorita (Oh Please, Senorita!)

…so you liked Kusahara Tron (We Love Katamari Damacy):

Chocolat - Maigo no Tori (A Lost Bird)
Pizzicato Five - Drinking Wine
Halcali - Conversation of a Mystery

…so you liked Baby Universe (We Love Katamari Damacy):

M-flo - Big Bang Romance
Kahimi Karie - Good Morning World
Orange Pekoe - Ai no Uta (Song of Affection)

…so you liked You Are Smart (Katamari Damacy):

Quruli - Eien (Eternity)
Zoobombs - Papaeye
Cornelius - Hot Computer (I Want to Turn You On)

…so you liked Tsuyogari Damacy (We Love Katamari Damacy):

Rip Slyme - Minutes Maid
Cornelius - Maybe I’m Dead
Fujifabric - Gozen Sanji (Three in the Morning)

…so you liked Katamari Holiday (We Love Katamari Damacy):

Suneo Hair - Waltz
SOUL’d OUT - Iruka (Dolphin)
Supercar - Otogi Nation

…so you liked Lonely Rolling Star (Katamari Damacy):

Takako Minekawa - Fantastic Cat
Chara - Skirt
Hajime Chitose - Wadatsumi no Ki (The Wadatsumi Tree)

…so you liked Que Sera Sera (Katamari Damacy):

Orange Pekoe - A Soft Night
Pizzicato Five - I Hear a Symphony
Mika Nakashima - Love Addict

…so you liked Katamari Taino (Katamari Damacy):

Ann Sally - All I Want
Yaida Hitomi - SJTT
Halcali - Haredokidoki (Excitement in the Clear Sky)

…so you liked Blue Orb (We Love Katamari Damacy)

Cornelius - Drop
Quruli - Shizuka na Umi (A Quiet Sea)
ACO - Lang

…so you like Getsu to Oji and Disco Prince (Katamari Damacy)

then you might like Rip Slyme who practically makes Katamari Damacy music for a living:



Dragon Ash - Life Goes On
Zoobombs - Funky Movin’
M-flo - Dopamine


If you should want more information on a certain artist, you have but to ask.



… wow, that site… was looking for a download button but could’nt find one. Way to make a site … cluttered =)
Edit: Argh, onclick pop-unders and layered advertisement over the download button…

Yeah, it was the only one left that allows for files that big, I’m afraid. I don’t like it either. :/ But they are giving you a free (presumably expensive) service…so I shouldn’t complain too much. I hope you like the music!


Great post, thanks.

Any suggestions of where to find the music from Jet Set Radio? I’m particularly interested in Hideki Naganuma’s work, but haven’t been able to dig up much information.



Tom isn’t a musician, though.

edit: to my knowledge!

I liked The Moon and The Prince. Where’s the love for me?

hehehehehe :D

the only song i didn’t like was “you are smart”

I like that song!

Is this another one of those Japanese stereotypes that the Japanese think that foreigners have about them?

Getsu to Oji is the Japanese name of The Moon and the Prince, jafd, so its in there.

And that’s a stereotype I’ve encounted a countless amount of times, so while you may move in enlightened circles, I have not been so fortunate. To a great many people I’ve encountered, modern Japanese music is supposed to be derivative and suck and if you’re not listening to the “real” music (music in English, most of the time, for these people) then there’s no hope for you, because those funny yellow people couldn’t possibly sing anything in that strange language.


A torrent for this would be good – that megaupload site is incredibly slow.

Ah … a perfect opportunity for building goodwill with my first post! Here, I hosted the file on my server: KataDamaLovers.rar

Please don’t spread the link around too much. While the bandwidth is unlimited, I’d like to keep the load fairly light.

Some people on this board make their living from pirating Japanese music!

(Also, thanks for the download.)

Jim: That’s nothing …

Joel: (*^_^)/

That video is eerily hypnotic.