So you think you can dance (salsa)

Listening to Luis Enrique’s “Yo no se Mañana” (and yeah, we Latins use the quotation marks for the names of songs and movies and stuff) I got to thinking about how there’s so few really good salsa songs, the ones that are great to dance to and to listen to available in most commercial stations.

So, for you guys and gals, a compilation!
(get them, make your Latin party a success, non of that Josi Esteban y la patrulla 15 bullshit)

  1. Luis Enrique “Yo no se Mañana”

  2. Polo Montañez “Un Monton de Estrellas” erm, ignore the non-video
    gets perfect for dancing at 3:06 more or less.

  3. Chichi Peralta “Amor Narcotico” and “procura” not strictly salsa, but great ones for dancing
    Amor narcotico –
    Procura –

  4. Mark Anthony “Tu amor me hace bien”, salsa version. Again, no video.

  5. Sonora Carrousel “Micaela” a classic. If people don’t dance to this just shoot them.

  6. DLG “La quiero a morir”

  7. Oscar De Leon “Lloraras”

8.The great Joe Arroyo “Por ti no morire”

  1. Oscar De Leon “Yo me voy pa cali”

  2. Oscar De Leon “Melao de caña”

  3. Los Vam Vam “Sandunguera”

  4. Fania All Stars “vamonos pal monte” a great one!

  5. Slow it down with Angel Canales “Nostalgia”

  6. And go back to swinging with Tego Calderon’s “Tradicional a lo Bravo”

  7. Buena Vista social club… just go ahead and buy the whole CD, GREAT stuff, but for a taste, listen to
    Chan Chan -
    El Carretero -

Seriously you can’t go wrong with Buenavista Social Club

  1. Joe Arroyo again (the guy is awesome) “No le pegue a la negra”. Gotta dance to this one!

  2. Grupo Niche “Una Aventura”. A bit on the commercial side, but a good one nevertheless
    Plus big ass mullet bonus!

More to come, depending on how much I last in my current binge.

Eddie Santiago is probably the lesser one here, but he has a few good ones:
Que locura fue –

Tu me haces falta -

And probably his best one, certainly his more commercial hit:

Lluvia -

Edit after no one replied: alright alright sheesh so maybe you DO NOT think you can dance Salsa…