So you want to program games

I’ll assume c++ . Just to let you know, apparently the documentation for the coding part of HL2 is flakey as hell. I know for a fact that it sucks for the graphics side of things.

Good luck with finding someone Nutsak, I know you’re passionate about it. Hope you find someone who can help you.

If you’re that serious about it, consider elance and some money.

Hey, uh, some of you? “It never hurts to ask.” Unless, apparently, one is reading QT3.

You assume C++? You don’t have that specced and another dude is already working on the AI? Just sounds like things that should be straightened out if you’re going to start seriously talking to people.

Have you ever made a game or mod?

Will the person get a percentage of the IP on this mod just in case it is successful?

Anyways, good luck man.

I’m lead graphics not a programmer. I wouldn’t know the difference between BASIC and C if the code was right in front of me (well I would but I’m saying that from what I’ve seen it looks like C though I’m not 100%). The IP belongs to myself and the other party… if the game does become a success then we’d probably split the profits (if any) equally among team members.

Hey Nutsak - Hope you don’t mind if I post this on another forum…
I hope timezones aren’t a problem …?

Go for it. I’m in Australia… .everyone else is in the states I think. Thanks.

If you’re not paying anyone, I wouldn’t be so sure. If you’re seriously thinking about IP and other stuff like that, you should really lawyer up.

There have been several statements about all the bitching, but I can’t see any myself. It mostly seems realistic commentary. Especially if you read forums like where posts like this are made, except you get ones so detached from reality that they leave you dazed and confused.

“Hi, I am making an MMORPG, apply now and you can come and work unpaid for my company… I have a great idea no-one has thought of, and all I need is people to do all the making of it… etc”

I’ve had one person ask to see the design doc and I’ve gladly shown it.

If you need someone to tighten up your graphics I’ve got the time and game controller to do it.

D’s got a point. At least read up on the concepts of “work for hire,” joint ownership, etc. And consider trademarking significant assets.

But the real question is, on which level?

Also, nutsak, sorry I offered help the last time around and then bailed. Didn’t quite realize how crazy busy I’d be.

No probs, if you ever get the time I’d still love to have you as part of the team.