So you're making me buy an XBOX 360

All those Viva piñata threads are making me want to buy one.

I am lost in the world on consoles. Two questions before I grab one:

  1. Xbox 360 basic:
    Newegg has a deal where you get a $600 projector and a $200 XBOX 360 Sans hard drive. Since the Hard drive version of the Xbox seems to be $400, I’m assuming I can just buy a hard drive to add?

Microsoft’s hard drive upgrade seems to cost $100 for 20gbs. When I google up “xbox hard drive upgrade” all I get is junk about hacking an XBOX which I’m not interested in. Simple enough to buy my own hard drive, or just simpler to spring $100 and buy the upgrade?

  1. Any other off-beat games like Viva Pinata? DDR, Animal crossing, interesting things of the sort? That metal mech game with the cool controller sounds fun, but I think it’s dead now, correct?

I’m scanning Xbox/360 reviews and all I see are RTS’s, FPS’s, and action/sports/racing games. I’m not interested in an inferior FPS I can get for the PC.

You can get a used x360 hard drive for $80 from Gamestop / EB Games. I’m not sure if it’s possible or how you use anything except an official x360 hard drive.

You have to use the 360 hard drive, you can’t just buy any HD.

The mech game you’re thinking about is for Xbox 1, not 360.

As for other games - you might like Kameo, and you can get it for $30 now. I’d also suggest Gears of War, as it’s the best graphics for the system so far, and you can’t get it for the PC. If you like mech games, you might enjoy Chromehounds, but I really wouldn’t suggest it as the single player is non-existant, and the multiplayer has died off a lot.

There are some offbeat games on Xbox Live Arcade. Free demos of all of 'em, too, so you can check them out before buying.

The mech game was for the original Xbox; the controller won’t work on the 360.


The $400 Xbox 360 comes with a hard drive, component video cables, and a wireless controller; the $300 model only has composite video cables and a wired controller (you need to buy a memory card or hard drive to save games). As others said, you have to buy the official 360 HDD: it “clips” onto the 360’s case, it’s not internal like the PS2’s HDD.

The mech game you’re thinking of is for the original Xbox: Steel Battalion. Chrome Hounds is the only mech game out for the 360, AFAIK; it’s a fairly decent action game, but I hear the online community is basically dead and single-player is kinda meh.

Gears of War, Call of Duty 3, and Perfect Dark Zero are all console-exclusive shooters which I would say are worth at least a rental, in that order.

Some EB Games stores are still running that sale where you can get $80 off your 360 if you trade an original Xbox. That’s a good chunk more than you’ll get on eBay.

There aren’t many games like Viva Pinata for the 360 as yet. Alas.

Buy the premium XBox. The wireless controller is excellent.

I wish to hell Microsoft would give us a way to use generic laptop drives. Failing that, I wish they’d sell a much bigger drive.

Does the wireless controller come with it’s own charger?

I’m pretty sure the standard Xbox 360 Premium doesn’t come with a wireless charger, just a couple of AA batteries you can use for the controller. You have to buy a Play & Charge or Quick Charge kit to get the charger and the rechargable battery. My 360 was the costco bundle that includes one play & charge kit so I’m not 100% sure my information is accurate, but I think it is.

It’s accurate.

You have to buy a charger seperatly. The wireless controllers come with 2 AA batteries and that’s it.

That bieng said, the 20buck charger I use plugs directly into the 360 using it’s usb slot, and I can play while it charges. Handy.

Definetly pick up a charger if you plan on using wireless.

Mind a bit of thread hijacking?

So I look at all the fun you 360 owners are having and I think yeah, I could go for that… but I don’t own a tv. Can the average next gen console be hooked up to my 24" Dell LCD?

This looked like a thread where you’d know :)

There’s a $40-ish cable that allows you to hook your 360 to a monitor. It works great and it’s HD. I use it to connect to my 21" monitor.

If you have the Dell 2405 FPW (or the newer 2407) then yeah. And you don’t need to buy the VGA cable, the component cables that come in the X360 box will do you fine since there’s a component input on it. I played my X360 for quite awhile on my 24" LCD over component and it looked great. Just don’t forget to switch the switch to HDTV on the shared composite/component cable.