Sob, I'm going to miss my 360

Well, I’m gonna be a good Samaritan I guess. My brother, whose house was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, was talking to me about how bored he is in his small trailer while his house is repaired which will take about 4 mionths. he has no cable, just rabbit ears tv reception. I told him I’d loan him my 360 so he’d have a bit of entertainment during those long nights. sob, but I LOVE my 360! I guess blood is thicker than Xbox Live…

I feel like an idiot, but that is genuinely touching.

That’s very nice of you, but I think I would’ve just gone out and bought him a Gameboy or something. :)


Getting a 360 and then realizing that you have no way to connect to Xbox Live would be sort of like that Twilight Zone episode where the book nerd ends up trapped alone in a library after the apocolypse, but then breaks his glasses. ;)

Seriously, it’s a very nice gesture on your part. Maybe you should reward yourself for the good deed by getting another Xbox360…

Alternately, start a “Get my brother an Xbox 360 fund” internet page. So many people do that kind of thing, all you need to do is get it on slashdot and I’m sure you’ll net $500 bucks in no time.

I’m sure I’ll end up just giving it to him. He doesn’t have a lot of extra cash right now, so I’ll pick one up when I see them. He also wanted to borrow my Guitar Hero when he saw the controller, but I said “Don’t push it bub!”

Considering his circumstances, I would buy him an Xbox or PS2 before giving him a 360. There just aren’t that many games on the 360 right now so, with no other forms of entertainment, he will likely blow through them quickly, especially with the Live option removed. And most 360 games are expensive ($60) with no price drops any time soon. With an older console there are tons of great, time consuming games, to be had for $20 and under.

Yeah, 360 blows without live. Get him a last gen console, lots of cheap disc based games available.

Also, it figures I’d give him my 360 just a couple of weeks before Burnout Revenge comes out for the 360. I swear, the things you do for family…

I let my brother borrow my original Xbox… actually… he probably owns it now since hes had it so long… and I dont really care! All I miss is DOA Boobs n Ball.


Yeah, I loaned him my DOA4 and warned him about the “boob bounce.” If his wife sees it, that 360 might set an air speed record!