Soccer on the PSP?

Today is probably PSP day for me, and since I’ve always found soccer games to be a massive time sink on consoles, getting one with my PSP seems to be the perfect way to idle away the 1 hour train ride into work (as of next week I’m a rail commuter).

Now that the latest batch of soccer games have hit the PSP (by which I mean FIFA 06, Winning Eleven 9/Pro Evolution 5 and World Tour Soccer Challenge Edition) I’m wondering if anyone has any advice or recommendations on which is the best for a casual football player - I’m into playing full seasons and the like and frankly I’m a bit of franchise whore, so I’m leaning towards FIFA, but if there are any glaring problems with it then I’m keen to hear about what those might be.

FIFA has tradtionally been closer to hockey than soccer. Winning Eleven is quite accurate in how it models player movement, goal scoring, etc. The master league mode in the console versions of Winning Eleven is plenty deep, too.

I haven’t played either on the PSP (waiting for Winning Eleven to come out here, I’ve already read that FIFA for PSP isn’t any more accurate than FIFA for PS2/XBox), so I can’t comment on them specifically.

Tragically, there is no Master League mode for Winning Eleven 9 on PSP, and with Konami’s history of not modifying anything for the US release, it is unlikely to change.

If WE9 PSP had Master League, I’d own a PSP.


Was just about to post that DM :)

First impression review of WE9 -

Edit - and the Euro release of PES5 -

I played a ton of the World Tour Soccer that launched with the PSP. I am not a big soccer fan so I am not sure how it played compared to the actual game but it was not totally crazy scoring for the most part. I had to work to setup goals and really work on defense to keep them from getting good chances. It had a number of different cups you could try to win but no overall league play. I played it more than most of the other launch titles out there so it was definitely entertaining.

– Xaroc

Assuming the PSP versions are similar to the PS2 versions.

FIFA is great for eye candy. And possibly for a casual player. EA are starting to realise that just running the ball from the centre circle and banging in the back of the net every time isn’t that entertaining and do seem to be making some efforts to make FIFA play like proper football.

Pro Evolution - Less polished presentation wise than FIFA, especially if it’s Premiership clubs and players you are most interested in, but the football itself is far more realistic, rewarding and enjoyable to play.

Thanks guys - although I’m still a bit torn :) I’ve been reading that Pro Evo 5 on the PSP isn’t “all that” so I might give this time around a miss (and get it for the Xbox).

I have FIFA 06 for PSP. It’s pretty fun and easy to pickup and play but I don’t remember a manager mode. It’s not as realistic as FIFA 2006 for Xbox (yes I said realistic, the new FIFA is much closer to Winning 11 series than before). If neither W11 or FIFA for PSP have a manager mode, I’d go for W11 for the gameplay. It maybe realistic but it’s not difficult to get into. The basic controls are simple and you don’t have to worry about the advanced stuff until you are ready for it.