Sociable Soccer

I guess this isn’t much of a football game forum, since there’s no thread about Jon Hare’s attempt to Kickstart a spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer, the greatest of all arcade footy games. The design goals seem sensibly (no pun intended) modest, while still pretty meriting a new game, though the online stuff risks being gimmicky.

Ohhh. I’m no footy fan but I’ve fond memories of Sensi. Now there was a football game that required you to actually dribble the ball. None of this FIFA/Pro Evo snap-connect foot-to-ball.

I opened QT3 today to go post this in the kickstarter thread. I didn’t think about making a new thread for it – I didn’t think anyone would actually know about the game!

Either way: Sensible World Of Soccer is one of my favourite games of all times. I was even going to choose it for the CGC but I imagine even fewer people would play it than played Commandos :P I was really disappointed by the XBLA remake. The local multiplayer worked really well on the controllers, but the online multiplayer netcode was atrocious and the game still stuck to the amiga classic – i.e. with the really strange menus and weird wiggly-joystick-to-get-the-subs-bench-up stuff. It’s a real shame Codemaster didn’t update it “properly”, and basically did a straight port with a graphics update.

I’m definitely backing this, just don’t know at which tier yet. I don’t like football, so all of the fan/clan business and shirts is of no relevance to me.

Jon Hare is doing it, rather than e.g. codemasters, and the team he has all seem capable, so I hope this game is just as good as SWOS! £300,000 to get it out by Dec2016 though. That’s £60k pa each for the 4 of them ;) Bit rich! Looking at the splerg they claim they’ll have official team and player names? I wonder if it’s £300,000 to account for FIFA licences and general playstation/xbox crap? (With outside investment as well?)

They’re not getting licences.

SWOS is indeed a wonderfull game, that I have played to dead. I got it from GOG a while ago, and despite the really outdated graphics it’s actually still fun to play! I really hope the Kickstarter will make it. In fact, it might just be the first time ever I’m actually going to join in!

SWOS is legendary, i can’t imagine this will come close to touching it but i am happy to chuck twelve quid at them for it due to all the joy SWOS gave me.

Compared to Kick Off 2, Sensi/SWOS was a baby game when it came to dribbling.

Compared to Kick Off 2, Sensi/SWOS was a baby game when it came to dribbling.

If they’re not getting licences, how do they plan to use the official club names as part of their clan stuff? Or is that some kind of fair use thing?

They also put this on their kickstarter:

The game will feature over 500 National, Club and Custom teams with over 10,000 researched player names. Team names, player names and kits used in game will be similar to the majority of popular titles on the market and fully editable.

But I guess it’s ambiguous. “similar to the majority of popular titles on the market” could of course mean “fake names”. And we all know “fully editable” means “PC players will be able to download the real names, all done by fans, 2 days after release” ;)

Speaking of Kick Off, Dino Dini plans to release a new game.

Strangely that video isn’t on his own channel. Perhaps because it contains him playing the guitar and giving strange rants? :) (There’s a few interesting videos on game design and unity prototypes of the new kickoff, which I think is how I found that channel)

the Kick Off series was a bit crap though.

Given that it came out in 1989, it was great ;) It was a million times better than the competition. I promptly ditched it for Sensible Soccer after I played the first one. While KO invented the dribbling and aftertouch style that Sensible shamelessly ripped off, it’s was made crap (imo) by the fact that players operated like cars. They ran at about 5000mph, had to accelerate and turned like American sports cars.

They don’t. The reference to the majority of popular games is to the likes of PES and, well, SWOS. From the Eurogamer interview:

In terms of the game modes and teams, we will have a whole bunch of club sides and national sides. But we’re not going to be using licensed badges and shit like that because it’s too expensive. We’d need to up the Kickstarter considerably! But there will be what people are used to with a bunch of football games, insinuating rather than actually using real stuff.

Ahh, I never played them, though I’m familiar with that box art.

Given that it came out in 1989, it was great ;) It was a million times better than the competition. I promptly ditched it for Sensible Soccer after I played the first one

Same here. Loved Kick Off, was rubbish at it, absolutely adored Sensible Soccer. Would never dream of returning to Kick Off.

Speaking of, I’m curious as to why Hare says Sensi was the best soccer game on the Amiga, but only maybe the best on the ST. What football game was there on the ST that wasn’t on the Amiga? I had an ST and the only other footy games I can remember besides Kick Off are Emlyn Hughes, which was rubbish, Player Manager, and some weird proto-3D one that was by all accounts bobbins.

not for me, I was besotted with Emlyn Hughes (the game!) on the Speccy. never played it on other formats and the sequel was ropey. for me, Kick Off wasn’t even as good as Match Day which came out in 1984 ;)

I loved Emlyn Hughes, Match Day, SWOS, Kick Off 2. I think back in the day all I played were soccer games!!

I was just about to rage-post this before reading through the thread. Thanks :-). Dino Dini’s Kick Off’s, especially II, III and Player Manager were totally superior to SWOS. Not that SWOS wasn’t a good game though. And it’s nice and a bit nostalgic to see an attempt of a remake.

It’s insane that anyone prefers Kick Off to Sensi!

Putting aside the fundamental problem with your brains, have any of you played Natural Soccer? It’s a Kick-Off inspired football game and it’s available on Steam, though I bought it sometime last year when it was still being greenlit.

It’s a good example of how hard it is to make a good football game, I think. There’s something “off” about the game – it’s a bit to slow, the player AI is never in the right place, too much fighting with the player selection and as a result it’s hard to do fluid interceptions, etcetcetc. It’s ok, but it doesn’t feel ‘right’.

Yet these are all things that Sensi (and Kick off) got right 20 years ago. Those games (well, mainly Sensible Soccer ;)) are a delight to play and feel very “natural” and fluid to play. I don’t think this is years of Amiga-honed nostalgia talking either, as I forced some housemates to play the 360 version and they all loved it, even though it was the first time they’d played it. There’s definitely some magic to that game that comes alives when people play it and I hope Jon manages to perform the correct incantations on Sociable Soccer.

(I can’t be bothered to confirm, but I think it’s in this video where Dino Dini talks about how he made Kick-Off and the creative process involved in capturing that magic.)

good to see the two games still inspire raging emotions :D probably as that’s the kind of thing we all spent time arguing about with mates at school…

Kick off 2 was a great game on the AMiGA and it was pretty cool you could ‘link it’ up with Player Manager 2 if I remember correctly, just swapping disks between managing a match and playing it.

Sensible World of Soccer is the best footie game ever made.