Social media controls the world

Yeah, he dopped all follows except those three. And THAT could have something to do with regulators looking at Square.

Ofcom sets out draft Online Safety Act rules

Full consultation here:

I wasn’t sure whether to put this here, or the AI thread, but I think this is better. A lot of talking about using AI bots to make the Internet terrible, but an important point is that this isn’t just AI. There are tons and tons of live humans doing all kinds of non AI scamming bullshit and filling the Internet with it.

Warmbo doesn’t want you to put it anywhere! I watched it a bit ago and concur it was worth sharing.

One thing I do find amusing is how uncomfortable they are doing the ads, and yet companies pay them to do ads in such an obvious “I do not give even one shit about this product” way.

Watching him chug AG1 and then read a hostage statement is never not funny as shit to me.

AG1 and Better Help are funding the entire internet content machine, I swear. Both are scams.

AG1 is complete bullshit - glorified multi-vitamin, not a good ‘greens’ product by any critical analysis, many ingredients almost certainly hugely underdosed, is geared up as a just a huge affiliate marketing machine driven by kickbacks and run by a founder that is a convicted scam artist in NZ. Something like 50% of the sale price goes to whatever podcaster recommended it you you when you susbscribed. That’s why they all push it so hard - it’s a fucking lucrative unregulated supplement scam.

Consume as much green powder as you like if that’s your thing, but AG1 is demonstrably a shit product by those that have done independant critical analysis.

I never assumed AG1 was a great product, it’s just funny to watch Cody chug an entire thing every time even though AG1 told him that wasn’t a thing he needed to remotely do.