Social media controls the world


satire is dead, and it was suicide


NY Times with the story of how Zuck finally came around to banning Alex Jones’ ass.


I think it’s pretty clear that Twitter actively wants the real hate speech on there, either because some of their management agree with it or because they simply think they need the user numbers and post counts the hate provides to keep the money coming.


Yep. People have been saying Jack is a supporter of those views and if you look at how Twitter handles things, that idea isn’t without merit.


Oh look.


Its looks that way. Apparently he appeared on Hannity last week. Which for me is a pretty big give away as to which side he is on.





Yeah, it’s getting pretty hard to dispute the accusation that Twitter management has sympathies with the the far Right. Ick.


So in the midst of the other Social Media ignorance and naivete about what’s going on with their platform and how it was used, we have Twitter that might have been purposeful. It’s probably past time they be looked at differently and evaluated as if they are supporting the problem instead of stumbling into it.


I follow and mostly see generative artists on Twitter. I would love to be able to follow the same crowd elsewhere because I find their work so inspiring. However, they don’t seem to congregate anywhere else. How do we get to a tipping point to get them on a less toxic platform?!!? I guess I should just delete Twitter anyhow.



What if

bare with me for a sec

Jack Dorsey is a conspiracy theorist and white supremacist and keeps finding excuses to keep Alex Jones on his platform because he likes him, agrees with him, supports Trump, and wants Trump to succeed.



I mean, given the data, Occam’s Razor seems like it applies here. And increasingly it is becoming lopsided in that direction.


Pretty much. He came out and said Jones didn’t violate the rules, then when it was pointed out that Jones had and on multiple occasions, he said Jones can stay anyway. So there are rules, but not for Jones.


I honestly gotta wonder, why is Twitter even worried about catering to Jones and his idiots? How many can there be of them?


A few million. Jones said they lost 2.3 million from the Youtube ban, so at least that many.

But Jack has been catering to neo-Nazis and the like before this. It feels like there is an internal battle between Jack and the rest of the board on this. He finally gave in on most of the high profile Nazis, but now the fight is for Jones.


I’ve been staying off twitter for a while, it is just a cesspool - even within the “good” content, you just can’t avoid the crap. This has been the final straw for me, just uninstalled it today.


Honestly i feel like Twitter wants controversy because it seems like 95% of tweets are RTs in agreement (on some comment or event off Twitter) or responses in angry disbelief or YGGs in support from comments on Twitter.

From the outside looking in, Twitter runs on friction.


So did Facebook, but they changed. I’m betting if Jack ends up explaining to Congress why there are so many Russian bots on Twitter things will change, but not before that.